Simplified Building supplies allen key fittings to ensure quick and easy fabrication of tubular structures, without the need for welding. Projects include handrails for ramps and steps, clothing rails, furniture, workout equipment, football goals, fruit cages and much more.

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Having trouble? We know our fittings like the back of our hand. Ask us for advice and we will walk you through your project step by step. We are only too happy to help.


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We pride ourselves on our service and our quick turnover. Let us know what you need and we will make your project a priority. We supply fittings for projects of all sizes, big and small.

Easy to Assemble

Easy Assembly

Kee Klamp Fittings make it very simple to connect your tube in any direction. Each fitting locks the tube in place with just an allen key. No specialised labour or tools are required.

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Customer Reviews

You've been an absolute pleasure to deal with from the start but that is an extremely impressive approach to take. Fair play to you. And the stuff looks like it's great quality and will do the job brilliantly.


Our project was extremely easy to assemble, as you had told us. Everything went together in no time and we are delighted to finally have our rails in place. Thanks again for all your help.


Our clothes rail really made our jackets stand out. Unlike the cheap options I have tried previously, they can also withstand a large volume of clothes in one go, without buckling under the weight.


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Our experts will help you select the components you need to complete your project.

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