Blind Bolt For Fixing Steel

BoxBolt is an expansion anchor which is used to ensure a reliable steel to steel connection where access is limited to one side. Its self-closing mechanism eliminates the need for cutting, welding or drilling, meaning that installation time is drastically reduced.

Provides A Secure Steel Connection

Access to one side of the steel is all that's required, as the fixings expanding fins lock the connecting section in place. The end result is a secure and reliable connection, and a vastly reduced installation time.



Effortlessly connects steel to hollow steel sections, ensuring an exceptional shear loading performance. See our working load chart for load information.


Save Time and Money

BoxBolt ensures a quick and solid steel connection without the need for special skills or equipment. Two spanners are all that's required for installation.


Safe Solution

Approved for use by the the Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik(DIBt). Our DIBt approval complies with Eurocode 3/DIN18800, providing the user with total confidence and peace of mind.

Box Bolt Load Chart

expansion anchor load chart - boxbolt

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