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Easily Secure Steel Grating From Above

The Grating Clip by BeamClamp® is a cost effective method of securing steel grating to existing structural steel members. Clamping the grating eliminates welding and drilling which can be costly and time consuming. No access below the grating is required, resulting in a quick and simple installation.

  • No Specialised Labour, Permits or Tools
  • No Drilling, Tapping, Welding Required
  • Secures Steel Grating to Existing Steel Structure
  • Clamp for Steel, Aluminum and Fibreglass Grating
  • Fully Tested for Vibration Conditions

How It Works

Our grate fixings contain a bottom section which clamps onto the flange of the existing steel and securely holds the grate in place. As the screw head is tightened from above, the bottom section is drawn upwards until it locks onto the underside of the beam flange.

Fixing is carried out from the top side only, which not only ensures safe installation but also allows for simple repositioning or lifting of the grate. Access to the underside of the grating is not required.

grate fix saddle clamp

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