Safe Loading Bay

Our range of pallet gates are designed to provide a safe loading bay for transferring materials from ground level to a raised edge such as a mezzanine. The pallet gate can be toggled between two positions in order to ensure that the pallet can be loaded safely:

  • Closed/Non loading: This ensures that there is never a void within the handrail system. The loading area remains closed until a load is being transferred from the ground.
  • Loading: The pallet gate is operated by the worker to an open position on the outside of the system.This allows the materials to be loaded while the operator stands a safe distance back on the inside of the pallet gate
pallet gate safe loading

Keep Workers Safe

Keep operatives safe as they work at a raised level.

Easy to Assemble

Simple Install

Component based, quick and simple to install.


Industry Compliant

Compliant with EN14122-3 and OSHA requirements

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