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Tube clamps have long been an ideal solution for all kinds of handrail and safety barrier applications. Whether you are constructing a small residential handrail or a larger industrial railing, we have the fittings, tube and solutions to provide you with the best handrail for your situation. We also provide design help and full support in order to make your handrail assembly even easier.

  • The Kee Klamp range features 90+ fittings to provide handrail for steps, ramps, silage pits, water hazards and other dangers.
  • The Kee Access range provides fittings for wheelchair ramps and disabled access. These fittings ensure a smooth and continuous handrail from start to finish.
  • The Kee Lite range are the aluminium equivalent of Kee Klamp. They are 1/3 the weight of the Kee Klamp and ensure a handrail with greater corrosion resistance.

More About Handrail Installation

Steel Handrail For Steps And Ramps

The beauty of Kee Klamp and Kee Access handrail fittings is that they can be installed by just about anyone. There are
no specialised tools or labour required as all tube clamps lock the railing in place using a simple allen key.
This ensures that the handrail installation is quick and easy, saving you both time and money.

What Fittings Do I Need?

Although the Kee Klamp range contains over 90 fittings, there are mainly only 15-20 fittings used to construct most
handrails. We have both fittings for flat ground and angled fittings for slopes, along with variable angle elbows to
join the two types where they meet each other. This often happens on ramps where a slope meets a landing pad.
Find out more about what fittings you need to complete your project.

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