Tube clamp handrails: The basics
Strong, durable and easy to build

tube clamp steel handrail



Tube clamp handrails are simple to design and construct. No special permits or training is required to install a tube handrail made with fittings. No welding or special tools are required.



Fittings are galvanised steel or aluminium. Studies have shown that handrails built with tube fittings can last up to seven times longer than fabricated solutions.



Tube clamp handrails are extremely versatile: tube can be cut to the required size on site and the fittings range can be used to design handrails to suit any application.

Tube clamps provide an ideal solution
for various handrail styles

Special Note:

We provide simple, pre-designed handrail kits which make it easy for you to select a suitable solution.

  • Available up to 2.5 metres in length
  • Floor mounted, wall mounted and hybrid kits available
  • We cut all your tube to your required size

Basic handrail configurations

Tube size for handrails

Kee Klamp and Kee Lite tube handrail fittings are available in a multitude of sizes. We would always recommend to use either size 7 or size 8 tube for your handrail, as this is most suitable for gaining a secure handhold, while also providing the necessary strength.

Basic in-line two-rail handrail

The most poplular type of handrail is the two-rail handrail. It contains a top and a medium rail and is usually used as a means of fall prevention. This is probably the most appropriate protection from a sharp drop or decline.

Basic Upright and End handrail structure

Basic upright and end

In the in-line setup, the middle handrail is cut to fit in-between each post. The top rail can often be let run through the 3 Socket Tee on the top of the post, while an elbow fitting is used on the end post.

Corner Fittings for Handrail

90 degree corners

A corner can be created by using elbow fittings to form the bend, or the corner can be created on the post itself using a Side Outlet Elbow and Side Outlet Tee.

Kee Klamp handrail for ramps and steps

Handrails can easily be fitted to stairs and ramps without the need for bending any tube. The fittings range contains several options which make it possible to change the angle of the post and handrail. This includes avariety of base flanges which are bolted to the concrete.

Handrails for Crowd Management

Stair handrail

Building a handrail with tube and fittings is not difficult. Using the correct fittings, it can be built to suit most standard stairways. If custom angles are needed, see the alternative fittings options below.

Corner Fittings for Handrail

Handrails for ramps

Although a handrail post can be bedded in concrete, an angled base flange can make things a lot easier. This allows the handrail post to be fixed directly to the concrete, reducing the risk of water damage to the tube.

Wall mounted handrails

As well as mounting your railing to a flat or sloped surface, you can also fix handrails to a wall or vertical surface by using a wall flange. Several types of such flanges are available for fixing the posts for your handrail.

Corner Fittings for Handrail

Mounting handrails to a wall or parapet

We offer a variety of palm fittings and wall flanges which are suitable for connecting sections of handrail against the surface of a parapet or wall.

More useful handrail fittings

These galvanised and aluminium fittings are useful for constructing tube handrails, and can be used in conjunction with the other tube clamps based on this page.

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