Wall Mounted Display Rack

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Model: WMDR-kit

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Product Description

Our clothes rail really made our jackets stand out. Unlike the cheap options I have tried previously, they can also withstand a large volume of clothes in one go, without buckling under the weight.

Marie, Customer

The wall mounted display rack is designed so that the hanging clothing will face outward. In stores this rack is ideally used to make a feature of certain sections of clothing and stands out when used with other types of wall mounted clothes rails.

  • Modular - The rack consists of three main components. One upright, and two arm styles. Typically a rack has one Z arm and one straight arm, but the configuration is up to you.
  • Looks Great - The Kee Klamp fittings and pipe give a clean, modern, industrial look.
  • Strong, Stable and Solid - Unlike flimsy alternatives, clothing racks built with Kee Klamp are solid, stable and built to last.
  • Customise Your Rack - Because this rack is built with standard tube, you can customise your rack, even after you've purchased it.

Additional Measurements

The Z-Arm is comprised of 3 lengths of tube at 280mm.

The Straight Arm is 600mm in length.

Get a Custom Version of this Rack

Do you like this rack, but want to tweak the style or lengths? Contact our design team.

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