Steel Handrail For Stairs

Wall mounted handrail kits which attach securely to a wall or post to provide a firm handhold. All handrails are constructed using
42.4mm O/D steel tubing and are strong, durable and built to last. Each kit is available in a length of up to 2.5 metres. Anything
over this length would require an extra intermediate bracket for added support.



Tube clamp handrail kits are very simple to self-install. No special permits or training is required to install a tube handrail made with fittings. An allen key is all that's required.



Fittings are galvanised steel or aluminium. Studies have shown that handrails built with tube fittings can last up to seven times longer than fabricated solutions.



Tube clamp handrails are extremely versatile: aside from having various handrail types to choose from, wall mounted handrails can be custom cut to your required length.

Need a longer length of rail or to travel around corners or stair landings? Call us on 086 1408442.

Alternative Handrail Types

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