Easy to install wall to floor handrail kits, for simple handrails which are attached to the wall on one end, with the other end terminating on a
post. Customise your kit to suit the required height and handrail length. We cut your handrail to size so that you don't have to. Built
with allen key fittings which means that an allen key is all that's needed to lock your handrail in place.

Alternative Handrail Types



Tube clamp handrail kits are very simple to self-install. No special permits or training is required to install a tube handrail made with fittings. An allen key is all that's required.



Fittings are galvanised steel or aluminium. Studies have shown that handrails built with tube fittings can last up to seven times longer than fabricated solutions.



Tube clamp handrails are extremely versatile: we let you pick what your kit looks like, along with the height and length of the rail. Most of our kits can be altered to suit different pitchs/angles.

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