Retail Shoe Rack - Wall Mounted

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Model: Heavy-Duty-Shoe-Rack

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Product Description

The heavy duty shoe rack is perfect for retail display as it provides a chunky industrial look which draws attention to the shoes.

The shoe rack is wall mounted and ensures that shoes are kept off the ground and easily visible to customers. It is a very practical solution with its rugged steel appearance bound to catch the eye.

Quickly install the rack to ensure an ideal solution for:

  • Entrance hall or porch within the home
  • Retail/shoe stores
  • Walk-in wardrobes and bedrooms
  • Work boots at a business premises

Installing The Rack

The shoe rack is fixed to the wall with 4 round flanges, each containing 4 screw holes for countersunk screws. It should be fixed into a solid surface such as a block or concrete wall, or into the timber leg if being attached to studding.

Rack Dimensions

  • Height: 1200mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 200mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your clothes rails easy to install?

We aren't exaggerating, our clothes rails are extremely easy to put together. We cut all tube to size for you. Each tube is held in place by a grub screw which is contained within the fittings. The grub screw is easily tightened with just an allen key. Upon receipt of your kit, we are more than happy to talk you through your installation step by step.

How are they fixed to the wall?

The clothes rails are fixed to the walls using our round flanges. Each flange contains 4x screw holes for countersunk screws. The flanges should be fixed into concrete, block or timber studding where possible, to ensure a solid connection. Fixing screws should be appropriate for the surface into which the kit is being attached.

How much weight can they take?

Our clothes rails are extremely heavy duty. You can load up your rails with as many heavy clothes as you want, the rails won't be impacted. In fact, we also use the same tube size for pull-up bars, heavy duty steel shelving and football goals. Ensuring that you are fixing into a solid surface is key.

What is included in the kit?

  • Your steel tube cut to your required dimensions.
  • All the Kee Klamp fittings which are required to connect each item of tubing.

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