"Square" Floating Clothes Rail

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Model: Square-Floating-Clothes-Rail

**Timber shelf not included

Product Description

A heavy duty steel clothing rail which is fixed directly into the wall with no connections to the floor. This gives it a unique floating appearance. The appearance of the clothes rail, along with it being quite simple to install, make it an attractive solution for busy boutiques and home installations alike.

Add a timber shelf of your choice to compliment the rail and provide more storage options on top. Some customers choose to use reclaimed timber which they have lying around the home. Others look for plained shelving options in their local hardware stores. Practically all wood types can suit the industrial look of the steel tube and fitting.

Our floating clothes rails are easily assembled, with an allen key all that's required to tighten the fittings and lock the tube in place. We also cut each rail to your exact measurements, meaning you can customise the clothes rail to suit the available space. When fixing to the wall, it is strongly recommended to screw into either blockwork, concrete or timber studding to ensure a good grip.

Why Our Clothes Rails Are So Popular

  • Attractive Appearance - The rugged industrial look is quite eye-catching and looks really well in all environments.
  • Heavy Duty, Built To Last - Our rails are constructed with industrial strength steel tube, which can carry a large volume of clothes without buckling.
  • Simple Assembly - As our name suggests, all our projects can be easily installed, with only basic DIY skills required.
  • Customisable Options - Everything we do is about customisation. Our rails and shelving solutions are easy to configure, meaning you can add your dimensions to create a size that suits you.

Rail and Shelf Dimensions

Unless requested by the customer, we usually keep the rail approximately 300mm from the wall. This leaves enough room for clothes to be able to move freely over and back across it without rubbing off the wall. The height from the rail to the shelf is also 300mm, though we are more than happy to modify this to suit our customers requirements. The width of the rail/shelf can be customised above, to provide the perfect size.

Adding Hooks

Hooks can also be added to the rail if desired. These can be useful for hanging bags, hats, scarves or other items, though can stop the free movement of hangers over and back on the rail if this is required.

Thanks for all your help with the rails, they make it easy to display all our clothes and provide a great look for our store. I will definitely be back in touch again soon.

Margo R, Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your clothes rails easy to install?

We aren't exaggerating, our clothes rails are extremely easy to put together. We cut all tube to size for you. Each tube is held in place by a grub screw which is contained within the fittings. The grub screw is easily tightened with just an allen key. Upon receipt of your kit, we are more than happy to talk you through your installation step by step.

How are they fixed to the wall?

The clothes rails are fixed to the walls using our round flanges. Each flange contains 4x screw holes for countersunk screws. The flanges should be fixed into concrete, block or timber studding where possible, to ensure a solid connection. Fixing screws should be appropriate for the surface into which the kit is being attached.

How much weight can they take?

Our clothes rails are extremely heavy duty. You can load up your rails with as many heavy clothes as you want, the rails won't be impacted. In fact, we also use the same tube size for pull-up bars, heavy duty steel shelving and football goals. Ensuring that you are fixing into a solid surface is key.

What is included in the kit?

  • Your steel tube cut to your required dimensions.
  • All the Kee Klamp fittings which are required to connect each item of tubing.

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