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**Lower horizontal bar can be adjusted to different heights

Product Description

The Freestanding Ballet Barre can be easily assembled and is suitable for both kids and adults. It is light which makes it easy to move out of the way when required, but also extremely durable. The Ballet Barre can also be easily dismantled for storage when not in use.

Perfect for both home use and studios alike!

Custom Height Ballet Barre

Input the measurements to suit your ideal width and height. The feet stabilisers are 600mm in width to keep the barre balanced. Please note: The height refers to the length of the upright between the top bar and the bottom footing. Allow for an additional 130mm when inputting your barre height.

Barre Assembly

Assembly is very simple. All joints are tightened with just an allen key, which will be provided as part of the kit. There are also only 2 different fittings required(see above). Simply tighten the grub screw on the fittings until it closes in gradually and locks the tube in place.

ballet barre ireland

Need A Different Option?

The portable ballet barre pictured above is created using 42.4mm aluminium tubing. We can also create the exact same bar in a galvanised version, saving money. There are very subtle differences between the galvanised and the aluminium ballet barre, with the galvanised barre being heavier and a little more industrial looking. Other than that, the design will be the exact same, while doing the same thing. Contact us if you would like a less expensive galvanised option.

Prices for Galvanised Barres

  • Size 7/42.4mm tube: €135 (includes VAT)
  • Size 6/33.7mm tube: €110 (includes VAT)


We also deliver nationwide, from Dublin to Galway and from Cork to Derry. Delivery is typically within 2-3 working days, but contact us if your barre is more urgent.



The ballet barre is put together using industrial strength tube and tube clamps, making it extremely strong and durable. Can take the weight of many people at one time.

Collective fall protection


We are happy to customise your barre to suit your dimensions. Alternative heights and widths available. Let us know if you require a wall mounted option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the barre be disassembled?

The ballet barre is easily dismantled by loosening off the fittings grub screws. This is particularly useful for storage and transportation purposes.

Can the height and width be adjusted?

The barres dimensions can be customised above to suit different heights and widths. The bottom horizontal rail on the barre can also be moved up or down to suit different abilities and ages.

Do you have wall mounted options available?

Our ballet barre frames are constructed with tube clamps and tubing cut to the required size. This ensures that we can create a variety of alternative designs, including wall mounted options.

Is the barre suitable for yoga and stretching?

We have many customers who use the barre for a variety of different exercises. It can be used for a number of stretches, including yoga and alternative keep-fit exercises.

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