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Model: monkey-bar-frame

Pictured is our 8ft frame. Side rungs can also be moved up/down to suit child height.

Product Description

Monkey bars provide a fun method of getting a full body workout, while improving agility and encouraging athletic activity. We also supply steel fittings and galvanised steel tubing which enable a customer to design their own monkey bars or climbing frame for their garden.

How Our Fittings Work

Each fitting contains at least 1 grub screw.
The fittings grub screw closes in as it is tightened and bites against the tube, forming an extremely solid connection.

how kee klamp fittings work

Monkey Bars For Kids and Adults

Monkey bars can be used by the whole family, with the benefits being much the same for kids and adults alike. Kids will love swinging across and showing their parents, siblings and friends what they can do on the bars. Adults can gain a full body workout, but mostly working their shoulders and arms on the frame.

Strength: Our monkey bar is built with industrial strength galvanised steel tube, meaning it won't ever buckle or break. It is strong enough to take the weight of large adults.

Durability: Our fittings which connect the bars together are also hot dip galvanised to EN 1461, meaning the monkey bar frame can be left out in all weather conditions, with no worries about weathering.

Customisation: The stepping rungs on either side of the frame can be moved up and down easily to different heights, meaning the frame can be adjusted easily to suit all ages. They can be adjusted quickly using the alen key provided.

Storing/Moving: Although the monkey bars can be left outside in all conditions, the frame can be disassembled quite easily for storage, or if the frame is to be brought to a different location.

Height Adjustable Monkey Bars

Using Tee fittings to hold the side rungs on the frame means that they can be easily moved up and down to allow everyone to reach the bars. This ensures that the frame can be of benefit from a young age but also as a kid grows.

Human Benefits of Monkey Bars

  • Gives kids confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • Improves strength in arms, shoulders, core and back
  • Helps stretches arms and shoulders and improves mobility in both
  • Working out has long been proven to reduce stress and help with mindfulness
    • Frame Dimensions

      straight run monkey bars

      Customised Monkey Bar Options

      Remember: We are happy to help with different dimensions or designs, if this particular design does not suit. Just let us know and we'll be happy to talk you through what you need.

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