Table Frame Kit - Adjustable Height

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Please note: Table top not included

Product Description

Now you can build and work at your own unique desk. Our modern tube desk base allows you to support any rectangular desktop. The tube and fittings base offers clean lines and industrial strength.

The kit is easy to assemble and you will enjoy the assembly just as much as the finished project. Our customers have been making desks with pipe and fittings for years.

Our Simple Table frame kits now make building and configuring your own tube desk even easier.

Please Note: Table Top not included.

Adjustable Height Table Kit.

With the ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT you can sit or stand! With a few simple adjustments you can move the desk from standing to sitting position. This desk is not designed for "on the fly" type adjustments, but it's great when you want to make a longer term move toward sitting or standing. It also allows for finite height adjustment which means you can customize the height to just about anyone. This is a great desk for co-working and office spaces where multiple people may use the same desk over time.

How Does This Work?

It's Simple! You provide the desktop and we provide the base. Just about any flat, rectangular surface can be made into a desk. Go on a creative journey and find a desktop that works for your environment. Go green and upcycle an old piece of material, or buy something new like this simple desktop from IKEA (pictured above).

We have based our desk kits leg to be approx 100mm from the table top edge.

If you want to choose a different edge dimension, simply double it and take that from the length of the 'width' and 'depth' tubes.

1) Start by inputting the size of your desktop - Select the tube length- deduct 200mm (rounding up to the nearest 100mm) from the overall dimensions of your desk top.

For example if your desk top is 2000mm wide x 600mm deep you would select tube lengths of 1800mm & 400mm.

Basic Pipe Table Base with Faded Top

2) Tell us how tall you want the frame. Use the diagram below to guide you.

Base Height Diagram

3) Select the type of footing you would like on the table.

  • Plastic Plug

    Plastic Plugs - smooth, integrated look that protects the floor.

  • Flange

    Flanges - bold, wide bases that can be attached to the floor.

That's it! We will send you the tube and components and you can assemble and attach the unit to the bottom of your desktop.

How Do I Assemble the tube Base?

This couldn't be easier. Download your installation instructions here. The only tool needed to attach the fittings to the table base is an allen key that will be included in the kit. Attach the table base to the desktop with some screws and you are good to go! We told you this was simple!


Many others have built themselves a custom desk using our table frames. Check out the pictures below for some examples of how our other customers have used these frames to build the perfect desk.

  • Adjustable Height Desk - Sitting Position
  • Adjustable Height Desk - Standing Position
  • Adjustable Height Desk - Working
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