Industrial Strength Clothing Rails

Strong and durable clothing rail projects, built with tube clamps and industrial galvanised steel tube. As can be seen below, it is possible to create numerous clothing rail designs to suit your home or clothing store. If you don't see a suitable design, we can easily create a custom design to suit.

Why People Buy Our Clothing Rails

  • Heavy Duty: A clothing rail built with steel fittings is extremely strong and durable, ensuring it can last forever
  • Stands Out: A Kee Klamp clothes rail provides an eye-catching appearance. Galvanised steel ensures a rugged industrial look which is very popular
  • Easy To Install: Installing all our clothing rails is very simple, All tube is locked in place with just an allen key, making installation quick and easy
  • Customisable: You can fully customise your clothing rail. Once we have your design requirements, we cut all your tube to size so you don't have to

Pre-Designed Clothing Rail Kits:

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