Custom Home Clothes Rail In A Tight Space

Gerry was looking to add a customised clothes rail into the corner of a busy room in order to have more hanging room.

The rails were to fit into a tight corner between the door and wall, leaving a limited amount of room which he would need to make the most of. To make things a little trickier also, the ceiling sloped downwards from the door to match the slope of the roof.

The Space Available

before rail installation

Clothes Rail Design And Sketch

After a bit of measuring up, Gerry came up with the following idea and wanted to know if it were possible. There would be 2 small rails, approximately 300mm on the left hand side with side fixing.

bespoke clothes rail sketch

Note: The above is a typical sketch which we would send out to customers so that they can see exactly where each fitting goes, making installation very simple. We also send an accompanying quote which has thumbnail images of each fitting to show what they look like.

On the right hand side of the clothes rail would be a 1000mm single rail for more items. This would give total hanging room of 1600mm, which wasn’t a bad return from such a tight space. Our steel clothes rails are extremely durable and so they could be crammed with as many clothes as possible also.

project design help

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End Result

The installed clothes rails looked quite smart due to their interesting design which squeezed them into such a corner. So not only did they serve their intended purpose, they also looked very well and definitely didn’t stand out. Quite the opposite actually, as they neatly fitted in to the corner of what was quite a small room. An added positive of this was that it left more room for storage of other items.

See additional shelving/storage ideas.

customised clothes rail

Hanging Rails For Walk-In Wardrobes

The possibility of customising clothing rails to suit the available room size makes Simplified Building clothes rails an ideal solution for walk-in wardrobes. We can cut the rails to the exact required sizes, while our Kee Klamp fittings are quite versatile and can turn the tubing in any direction. This makes it very simple to attach to strong fixing points around the room. We would always recommend fixing to solid surfaces such as block or timber if possible.

We also have Freestanding Clothes Rail Kits available if fixing to a wall is not an option.

custom clothes rails

Many thanks to Gerry for coming to us with his project and for sending us great pics of his completed clothes rail.

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