DIY Clothing Rail Solutions for Walk-In Wardrobes

Kee Klamp clothes rails are known for their strength and durability, but the main reason for their popularity is that they can look very smart around the home, often attracting attention. When using fittings, versatility and customisation is what springs to mind, as various projects can be achieved with a little bit of imagination.
Integrated shelving always looks the part, while also ensuring that rooms such as walk-in wardrobes can be fully kitted out to take advantage of limited space.

Simple To Install

clothing rail for walk-in wardrobe

Kee Klamp clothing rails can be completely customised to fit into practically any space. Different levels of clothes can be displayed conveniently, with the steel tube and fittings giving a unique appearance. The above rails are integrated within a timber frame. Leaving this type of structure open with the clothes visible is proving to be a popular idea.
Our fixed clothes rails are very simple to install. We cut all tubing to size for you and everything is easily connected with just an allen key. See our wall mounted rail.

Integrate Shelving

diy shelving

Scattered clothes aren’t the only problem in walk-in wardrobes. Shoes and other objects are often strewn around the place, or collected at a random location. This diy shelving unit was a novel and ideal solution, keeping a large collection of shoes off the floor. Only three different Kee Klamp fittings were used, but the versatility offered when building a steel shelf with tube clamps ensures that many alternative designs can be created.

Fixed Industrial Clothes Rails

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DIY Clothes Rail

fixed clothing rail

Similar to our Wall Mounted Clothing Rails, this diy clothes rail provides another convenient option for hanging up coats and jackets. This design can be mounted practically anywhere in the house, wherever is necessary. Here, it was cleverly placed over a radiator which would allow for the jackets to dry.

Perfect for Hallways

kee klamp shelf and clothing rail

Although this clothing rail and shelf was set up in a clothing store, I had to include it as it would also be perfect around the home, especially in a hallway or porch where jackets can be hung up. If you are a plant person, a row of plants similar in size to the one pictured would look really well. Otherwise, it would make a useful location for hats or bags.

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Rugged Industrial Look

clothes railing

This clothing rail/shelf combination was a beautiful example of making the most of wardrobe space. The accompanying block of timber also really suited the rugged industrial look of the steel rails. The structure was fitted securely to the wall and provided a strong clothing rail along with a very useful shelf. Our 76-6 Hook also added a nice effect, while providing a fixed point for hanging clothes, bags or belts.

View similar combined shelf and clothing rail projects here.

Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

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'Floating' Clothing Rail

walk-in wardrobe clothing rail

‘Floating’ clothing rails and shelves are my favourite effect when it comes to DIY projects. The wall mounted clothing rail here is fixed to the wall at the back, with no tubing required to go to the ground to carry weight.
Although the main function of this clothes rail is hang clothes lengthways, hangers could also be placed on the sides to leave clothes facing out. This could be useful in a retail environment. Another shelf has been included in this design, giving another area to place accessories out of the way.

Limited Space

wall mounted clothing rail

Another Kee Klamp sheving and clothes rail combination which takes advantage of limited space. Although in a hallway, this configuration would also suit ideally in walk-in wardrobes. As an alternative to hangers, the 76-6 is used to hang the clothes, ensuring a clever but discreet solution. Horizontal rails such as these can be manouvered up and down the bar to an ideal height, making the structure customisable.

Wall to Wall Rail

strong clothing rail

This simple but effective clothing rail is a very popular option, as it is easily installed but takes advantage of the nooks and crannies which walk-in wardrobes often present. The rail is attached with a 61-6 Flange on either side.

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