Connecting With Tube Clamps - How Kee Klamp Works

We are often asked how our steel tube fittings work and what makes tube clamp projects so simple to install.

It’s certainly true that I am constantly promoting how quick and easy it is to fabricate tubing in any direction (again now…). We are also proud to proclaim that there are very few designs which we cannot help our customers to achieve with Kee Klamp fittings. This includes handrails, clothing rails, climbing structures, workout stations, steel shelving and much more.

So How Do Our Fittings Work?

allen key fittings

Our fittings are all allen key fittings, which means that they can be quickly tightened with just an allen key, or with a drill/screw gun with a hexagonal head. Each fitting contains a grub screw(or numerous grub screws, depending on the amount of tubes to be connected).

The allen key fits into the grub screw and tightens it. The grub screw is threaded and closes in against the tube until it has locked it firmly in place. Since the grub screws are the main locking mechanism within the fittings, they are manufactured in a case hardened steel with a thredkoat coating for the threaded recess.

Eliminates The Need To Weld

The big advantage of using allen key clamps to connect tube is that practically anyone can do it. There are no specialised tools required and installation or assembly can be carried out directly by the customer.

There is no need for welding or hot work permits, or waiting around for someone else to come in and install it for you. A drill might be the only power tool required if the project needs to be fixed to the wall or ground.

tube clamps

A KEE KLAMP component (size 5 to 9) can support an axial load of 900Kg per set screw with the set screw tightened to a torque of 4Kgm

So not only do allen key fittings provide a way of quickly connecting steel tube for a number of projects, they also provide an extremely strong joint which has been tested to ensure enhanced durability.

kee klamp fittings

Tube Cut To Size

To make things easier, Simplified Building also cuts your aluminium or steel tubing to size where possible, keeping on-site cutting to a minimum and ensuring savings on time and money. Each of our pre-designed kits are cut to size for simplicity, though some of our bigger projects require a small amount of cutting at the location.

Kee Klamp Tube Fittings

  • 90+ fittings available
  • Strong and durable connection
  • Tightened with a simple allen key
  • To suit various tube sizes
  • Aluminium option(Kee Lite) available
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