Kilbride National School Access Handrail

We were recently sent in another completed project from a customer of ours, Francis from CF Hoey Construction. Francis and his team are involved in many construction projects, from minor building works to large projects, and often come to us for any required handrail.

Installing Access Handrails

part m compliant handrail

Our fittings make it easy for people to quickly install access rails and safety barriers across a number of applications, such as steps and ramp access, football pitches and edge protection. All fittings are tightened into place with just an allen key and no specialised equipment is needed.

Part M Specifications

disabled access handrails

On this occasion, a disabled access handrail was required for a ramp into a local national school. As the entrance points could be used by wheelchair users or others with disabilities, the handrail would need to be designed to comply with Part M of the building regulations. This would mean that it would have to smooth along its entire surface, with no bumps or edges that a hand might meet.

Disabled Access Handrail Fittings

  • Smooth, continuous handrail
  • Meets NDA requirements
  • Terminated appropriately
  • Quick & easy to assemble
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How To Comply With Part M

part m handrail for ramps

The rails would also need to turn down at the ends and not protrude outwards into the path of pedestrians. To terminate the rail appropriately, we usually join the top and mid rail to form what’s called a D-return. This means that a user of the rail will be alerted when they have reached the end of the rail. It also means that their clothes cannot get snagged on the ends, something which could lead to an accident.

Function Of A Mid-Rail

safety rails for people with disabilities

A mid-rail is vital for this type of access also as it can serve two functions: It provides a secure handhold at a lower point for a wheelchair user.

  • This will ensure that they can comfortably use the rail themselves if required, without having to stretch.
  • Having a mid-rail can prevent the wheel of the wheelchair from going over the edge of the ramp, which could either lead to the wheelchair getting stuck or a possible injury

Difference Between Kee Klamp and Kee Access Rails

nda handrail

Our Kee Access range of fittings was used to construct this rail as unlike our Kee Klamp range, they butt against each other and the tube rails to provide the smooth finish. Kee Klamp fittings allow the tube to pass through them, leaving the thickness of the fitting protruding where a hand would meet.

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