6 Novel Loft And Bunk Bed Ideas For Kids And Adults

Our fittings are perfect for customising furniture and making it exactly how the customer requires.

The projects below demonstrate how easy it is to create bunk beds and loft beds, perfect for both adults and children alike. Whether to construct a novel bed frame which is fun for the kids, or a practical solution which creates extra space, Kee Klamp fittings are extremely adaptable and provide an ideal solution.

1. Open Ended Bunk Bed

customised bunk beds

This bunk bed essentially contains two ladders within its frame. One for access and the other turned horizontally to provide a safety barrier to stop kids from falling off the top. For this project, the ladder is placed at the end of the bed and the entire end is left open, meaning there is no break up along the length of the bed.

2. Loft Bed With Underneath Space

diy bed frame

This frame was left open on the bottom, meaning it could be used as either a bunk or a loft bed. The customer here added mattresses underneath to create a bunk style frame, although this whole area could be left open for shelving or storage of toys etc. A desk could also be placed underneath for study or arts and crafts and could even be incorporated into the frame if required.
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3. Safeguarding An Existing Bunk

custom bunk bed frames

Tube clamps and steel tube were used here on an existing timber bunk frame to provide a ladder access and a protective rail also. The industrial look of the tube and fittings really complimented the timber frame and provided an effect which was vey pleasing to the eye. Configurations such as this can be applied to most existing furniture in order to both compliment it and add extra effects.

4. Novelty Bed Idea For Kids

bed ideas for kids

Getting the kids to bed should be a much easier task with a loft bed such as this. This project is really captivating and is extremely interesting to most people, so just imagine how excited the kids were to see it. The frame is in the shape of a two story house and is coated black to suit. As mentioned above, the bottom can be left open for storage, or simply throw in another mattress if a friend is staying over.

5. Taking Advantage Of Limited Space

novelty bed frames

Who says that loft beds are just for kids? They can also be a popular solution for adults who are looking to take advantage of limited space within their house or apartment. The customer here left enough space underneath to add a couch, perfect for relaxing on during the day. They also incorporated a table into the design at the end of the bed, meaning the frame would serve a number of purposes.

6. 90° Loft Bed Idea

loft bunk beds

A lot of thought was put into this frame in order to get it looking just right. It contains pretty much two of everything, combining two loft beds into the one at right angles to each other. Each kid would then have their own ladder access, ensuring one wouldn’t interfere with the other when ascending. Timber panels where also added to provide safety around the edges and to help complete the look.

Need Help Designing Your Bunk Bed?

Creating your very own unique bed design can be quite a simple process. Simply sketch out your idea and send it on to us. We will work out what fittings you need, create your tube cutting list and get a quote back to you.

We will also advise if your custom bed design will work or if there may be a slightly better way of creating it. Our suggestion may save you money if less materials are required, or may ensure a stronger solution and a safer design.

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