Custom Bed Frame Ideas

There are a number of reasons why constructing your own personal bed frame with Kee Klamp and tube is a good idea:

  • Price- All of the below frames can be created at a low cost compared to usual furniture outlets.
  • Aestetics- Not only will your bed not cost a whole lot, but the clean industrial look gives it an interesting and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Creativity- Creating your own custom bed frame is fun, especially if designing a bed/bunk bed for the kids. Why not let them help with the design?
All beds can be completed using either an assortment of timber lats or boards the same length, or a simple 8 x 4 plywood sheet to carry the mattress. These can be obtained in any decent hardware or timber store at a low cost.

Flat Beds

unusual bed designs

Painted Bed Frames

The creators of this first bed used colour to cleverly ensure that the fittings stood out, which ensures an eye-catching 'special effect'. This is a great example of creating a project to suit its surroundings, which the industrial look Kee Klamp fittings matching up ideally with the red brickwork. Painting the tube black while leaving the fittings as they are also ensures that they stand out even more.

The customer here chose to fix the bed to the wall on each side out of personal preference, but obviously this wouldn't be a necessity.

custom four poster bed diy

Four Poster Option

Four poster beds are a very popular option for tube and fittings, as they are so simple to create and customise. People who like to create their own custom-made furniture are often hampered by the materials which they are using.

Both our aluminium and galvanised steel ranges ensure that any design is possible. This is down to their versatility and simple construction. The four poster bed above uses Kee Lite aluminium fittings in order to make the frame lighter and easier to manoeuver.

custom bed frame cheap

Traditional Style

This bed follows more of a traditonal approach with its design, in that it maintains the same shape as your standard frame. Having said that, it still completely stands out due to its components. Like the others, it is not only easily assembled, but easily taken apart for transporting.

Bunk Beds

custom bunk bed-intersecting

Intersecting Beds

I cannot tell from the picture if this is two separate beds or if the design has them joining on the inside. Either way, I love the idea as it not only frees up space, but looks really fun. And that is coming from a (supposed) adult...

Timber lats are used to hold the mattress, and are screwed together to hold them in place. As can be seen in this blog, there is an unlimited amount of ways in which bed frames/bunk beds can be created. All it takes is a bit of creativity.

clever bunk bed ideas

Loft Beds

The above projects are one of my favourite designs, not only for beds but out of all the projects we have had at Simplified. The picture on the left shows a design which incorporates a desk underneath, ideal for a student or anyone who carries out work or browses online late in the evening(who doesn't?).

The bunk is also finished off nicely with yellow-brown timber panels. With these designs, the ladder could easily be left loose where it is joined to the bed, meaning it can be moved up and down along the length of the bed. This could be useful for moving the ladder out of the way if required, and would only take a small bit of adjustment to the design.

wall mounted bunk bed

Wall Mounted Bunk

This last bunk bed is wall mounted and is another of my favourite designs. It is so simple to create, yet you can be certain that a child will absolutely love it. Fixed to the wall on the inside, the bunk is held on the outside using one upright, which will be plenty strong enough to hold the frame in place. in this example, the guard just runs down half the length of the bed, but this could be continued all around the perimeter if necessary.

Each design pictured above can be constructed using either steel or aluminium fittings, depending on your preference. Let us know if you wanted to alter a design and create it a little differently. Being creative is always encouraged here at Simplified!

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