12 Customised Steel Tables

Steel tables built with fittings are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Having received feedback from previous customers, I deduced that there were four main reasons for their surge in popularity, with one in particular being rather obvious:

  • The obvious reason, the strength and durability of the steel frame
  • An unique and eye-catching appearance, particular popular in shops and public buildings
  • Making use of timber which is left lying around the home or business
  • Problem solving and providing a solution, made possible by the strength and versatility of the fittings
  • 1. Tube Clamp Kitchen Table

    steel tube kitchen table

    Simple kitchen table which is based on our pre-designed rugged table kit. Perfect for using as a kitchen table but at this height can also be used as an island or for food preparation.

    2. Elongated Work Bench

    long custom work bench

    Extra long work bench using lengths of 42.4mm tubing and Kee Klamp fittings to provide a large working area. Why push two smaller tables together when tube clamps allow you to create one long custom bench. Also uses a large slab of douglas fir timber, neatly trimmed to allow it to fit snugly around the wall corners.

    3. X-Frame Novelty Table

    x-frame novelty table

    This simple table design is very eye-catching, due to its cross or "x-frame" design. Although the steel tube is coated black, the fittings are left in their natural state to further enhance their appearance.

    4. Three Tiered Display Table

    three-tiered display table

    People in retail will go to many measures to try and ensure that what they are selling stands out. A three tiered table such as this makes for a fancy centre piece in any store, but would work particularly well in displaying clothes(this looks well when matching with industrial clothing rails also built with tube clamps).

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    5. Outdoor Table With Integrated Stools

    novelty outdoor table and stools idea

    This project by Dave was one of my favourite Kee Klamp table ideas. Vertical steel tubes were attached to the top and bottom of the spool using 61-7 Flanges, which were also used to attach the timber seats.

    6. Kitchen Island With Wheels

    food preparation table with wheels

    Kitchen islands with wheels are becoming increasingly popular due to how practical they are. The island itself can be built to suit any size table top, while the castor wheels are easily attached using our tube inserts. A mobile kitchen unit such as this will naturally make cooking and preparing food so much easier.

    7. Kee Klamp Coffee Table

    kee klamp coffee table

    This elegant coffee table was actually created using reclaimed timber from a bowling alley. When accompanied with tube fittings and industrial steel tube, it really did provide a unique design. The table legs were completed with a round Flange fitting, which ensure a more rugged industrial look than plastic plugs.

    8. Z-Frame Table And Bench

    custom steel table

    Both the table and bench seen here closely resemble our Z-Frame Table Kit, which uses Kee Klamp fittings to create a striking design. Once again, reclaimed timber is used in the project, keeping expense to a minimum.

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    • Clean industrial appearance
    • Super strong and durable
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Quick & easy to assemble
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    9. Strong Steel Work Bench

    strong steel work bench

    This work bench is very similar to our Fixed Standing Table Kit. It was then customised to allow the tool chest fit neatly underneath. The bench was ideal for a self-service repair shop as it allowed work to be carried out efficiently, without having to move around looking for discarded tools.

    10. Outdoor Steel Table

    outdoor steel table

    Being built with galvanised steel tube, our table kits will work perfectly well outdoors and are able to withstand the harsher weather conditions which we are likely to get. All of our Kee Klamp fittings are galvanised to BS EN 1461 and are tough and durable. Obviously any timber being left outside would need to be treated and maintained.

    11. X-Frame Conference Table

    x-frame conference table

    Conference tables often feature a fancy design which stands out from the norm. This particular table was another x-frame design, though it included 5 support sections due to the size of the glass table top. The fittings were intentionally left in their natural galvanised state to contrast with the black tubing.

    12. Food Preparation Table

    steel kitchen island/table

    Similar to the kitchen island except with steel plugs instead of castor wheels, this custom food preparation table includes an added shelf underneath. The horizontal table supports for holding the table in shape also help to hold the extra shelf.

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