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Nina required adjustable tables which would make life so much easier for her team as they prepared flower arrangements for their clients. The tables would need to be on castors to give the option of moving them to a suitable location within the workshop. This would also allow for the tables to be pushed together when a bigger surface area was required.

adjustable steel work bench 1

Adjustable Height Table Solution

The adjustable height table kit was an ideal solution as its design allows it to be raised or lowered to suit the required working conditions. Depending on the volume and nature of flowers being arranged, alternative heights were frequently required, with the adjustable height table working a treat. Constructed with Kee Klamp fittings and steel tubing, the table could be quickly and effortlessly adjusted by loosening the fittings and sliding the tube leg up or down.

adjustable steel work bench 2

How Does It Work?

The adjustable height table is constructed using 2 different sizes of tube for its legs, 33.7mm and 42.4mm. The larger tube goes over the smaller tube, providing a telescopic effect. When the table is at its desired height, the steel fittings are locked in place with a simple allen key. This instantly provides a strong and secure connection, allowing the Floral Fish team to work effortlessly at their designs.

adjustable steel work bench 3

The End Result

Nina seemed pleased with her tables, and as always it was super to be able to help someone out and provide a suitable solution to a problem. The nature of the fittings allows for great flexibility and their allen key design means that project assembly is kept very simple.

(The tables) are brilliant, so easy to adjust and move around. They are absolutely perfect for it!

Nina Lowe

About the Customer

The Floral Fish works with their clients to provide the perfect flowers for their event, no matter how big or small the requirement is. They provide an excellent service and work hard to create the perfect design for that special occasion. The Floral Fish is based in Kinsale but covers all of Munster.

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