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custom steel table frames

We recently travelled to the Ploughing Championships in Screggan, Co Offaly, where we displayed some of our more popular projects which are created using Kee Klamp tube fittings. Among these were two of our pre-designed table kits, seen below, which proved to be very popular among people we spoke with.

What seemed to strike people the most was the unique, eye-catching look which an industrial steel table frame affords. Not only are our customised table frames rugged and sturdy, they also provide the clean retro-style appearance which is becoming more and more popular among homeowners.

Standard Table Frame Kit

The most popular table kit among our customers is the Standard frame below. This table kit is constructed with two H’s which are joined together by a horizontal bar. 61-7 Flanges are used to attach the table top to the frame, while these can also be used as a footing. Alternatively, a plastic plug can also be used so as not to mark the floor underneath.

steel table frame
custom steel table

Z-Frame Table Kit

Although the pre-designed table kits on our website are constructed using size 7/42.4mm steel tube, we constructed the pictured Z-frame using size 6/33.7mm tube in order to show a different option. While the narrower tube creates an equally tough and durable table option, it provides a much different look than the bigger option. Choosing a tube size depends completely on the individual’s personal taste, but the tables created with the larger size tube produce a chunkier and more industrial look.

The Z-frame’s appearance is as the name suggests. The steel frame is in a zig-zag pattern and is guaranteed to provide a table with a difference. In this case, the 61-6 Flange fitting is used as the table footing. Once again, personal taste dictates which footing type is the preferred option.

custom steel table frames
custom furniture-table frames

Standing Table Frame Kit

Suffering from back problems?

This could possibly be caused by being seated at work for long periods of the day. Research has shown that sitting at your desk during work hours puts pressure not only on your back but also your internal organs. Hopefully, our Standing Table Frame can help. Our standing desks are fully customisable in terms of their dimensions. Configure the lengths of your table legs to suit your height, ensuring that your standing desk solution best suits your height and provides maximum comfort.

custom steel standing desk

Other Table Kit Examples

Adjustable Height Desk: Adjustable height desk frame to provide maximum comfort in the home or the office.
Rugged Table Frame: Tough and durable steel table frame providing a strong industrial feel.

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