Creative Steel Table and Desk Ideas

The versatility of Kee Klamp fittings ensures that practically any table design can be created. We can help to create any table design, be it a standing desk, work bench or corner unit. All tough and rugged. All built to last.

The natural, rugged look is becoming very popular also, meaning that desks and tables are very popular with customers. A big reason for this is that by building a customised piece of furniture like this allows people to be creative and to build something that they can be truly proud of.

Innovative Table and Desk Ideas

It is human nature to really enjoy practicing this natural creativity, leading to people coming up with innovative table and desk ideas, as evidenced below.

1. Working Desks

This work desk was created by Barry, a customer who wanted a customised desk with a lightweight frame in order to be able to move the desk easily to different locations. Although based on the Standard Table Frame Kit, Barry's desk features a few changes.

custom work desk-aluminium

Extra Support

Firstly, he added extra bars at the back and sides for extra support. These extra bars also add to the appearance of the desk. Secondly, he pushed the foot bar at the bottom of the desk to the back, rather than having it down the middle. If at a later point, he required to move it back, it is simply a matter of loosening the grub screws and moving the tube to its new position.

Aluminium Table Frame Option

Lastly, as opposed to the Standard Frame which is constructed from galvanised steel tube and fittings, Barry's desk was created using our Kee Lite aluminium fittings range to ensure it was lighter and easier to relocate.

large diy working desks

This large U-shaped desk was also created using aluminium tube and fittings. As can be seen in the picture, the customer had the tubing painted black to enhance the fittings, giving a truly unique appearance. The U-shape gives the user a world of space with which to work with.

Unique Desk Designs

The entire desk is also comprised of different sections, meaning that alternative designs can be created whenever is required. As usual, the customer sourced their own table top to complete the design and provide a unique, customised structure.

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2. Coffee Tables

As the centerpiece of a living room or relaxation area, a coffee table will always be in view and needs to fit in with the aesthetics of the room. The table above was created using the Standard Table Kit and provides an eye-catching coffee table which certainly catches attention.

diy coffee table

Customisable Table Leg Ends

The ends of the table legs are plugged with the Type 77 Plastic Plug which will protect from any damage to the floor or carpet, although a Type 61 Flange can also be used if desired. The customer completed this design with a beautiful patterned table top which, when accompanied with the clean industrial look of the fittings, provides a truly unique centerpiece.

custom built coffee table

This coffee table is based on the Rugged Table Frame Kit, although features an extra row of tubing under the table top itself. The purpose of this was to create a shelf underneath for holding books, stationary and other items. This extra shelf was easily created using 4 no. Type 21 Side Outlet Tees, along with 2 no. Type 10 Single Socket Tees and the required galvanised tube.

As with all our Customisable Desk and Table Frame Kits, extra tubing can always be added to create the required design. We offer 4 different designs, but these are a simple guideline on what can be achieved. If you have something else in mind, let us know and we will be glad to talk to you about your project.

3. Corner Table Units

We often find ourselves looking for extra space around the home and when contemplating buying a new piece of furniture, one of the main considerations is the size of it and whether or not it will fit where it is required, without being in the way. Customising a piece of furniture to suit its environment is not always something that people will think of, but Simplified Building ensures that this can be a very plausible option.

diy corner table units

Versatility of Kee Klamp Fittings

Again, it is the versatility of the fittings that can make almost any design an instant possibility. For example, the Type 19 Adjustable Side Outlet Tee is one such fitting which allows corner units be constructed without fuss. This fitting can interlock when used as a pair, meaning that any required angle can be created and that a corner unit can be placed in tight to any wall. This means that the table is out of the way and can fit snugly into the required location.

4. Kitchen Table

The above kitchen table features an unusual design which is sure to stand out from the norm. Using galvanised steel fittings, this custom structure has plenty of support, but with the middle tube support being stepped inwards, this makes it possible to sit in tight to the table edge without the support getting in the way. As can be seen, a chair can also be placed at each end of the table, allowing many people to sit comfortably at one sitting.

custom kitchen table

Additional Support

The Type 26 Two Socket Cross is used also to accommodate an additional upright for support at the centre of the table. This is also an option on other designs where there might be the possibility of a top sagging in the middle because of additional weight being applied.

outdoor steel table

5. Outdoor Tables

Being composed of galvanised steel and aluminium, all desks and tables can also be used outdoors, and are well able to withstand our harsher weather conditions. This can be useful where tables, chairs etc are needed for on decking or other outdoor applications.

Strength and Durability

Our Kee Klamp components are supplied hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461, while our Kee Lite components are created from high grade Aluminium Silicon Magnesium Alloy. Both the fittings and the tube are strong and durable as a result, meaning they will be long lasting and provide a simple, custom-made solution.
The above table is based on the Rugged Table Frame design, although it is created using Kee Lite aluminium fittings, probably to make it lighter and easier to move. It also contains casters on the bottoms of the legs to wheel it into position. Although we do not supply these casters, they can be easily sourced in good hardwares.

Custom Furniture

The picture below shows a full set of Kee Klamp furniture, complete with tall table and four accompanying stools. Reclaimed timber is used as the table top and seats, with a cushion providing extra padding. Trying to find a use for reclaimed or left over timber often leads people to us, as they can combine the timber with our tubular fittings to create something a bit different.

steel tube table and chairs

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6. BBQ Units

I included this BBQ project to show how separate tables can be joined to create one complete unit. This unit is designed to incorporate a barbecue at its center point, with a table to the left hand side for the uncooked food. Along with this, a corner unit and another table are located to the right for serving food to guests. The full section is located right outside the back door of the house and doesn't take up too much space on the decking.

custom built barbecue unit

7. Standing Desks

It is now commonly agreed that there are major health implications to sitting all day, with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other ill health's all being linked. It is for this reason that standing desks are becoming a lot more popular in today's society, both in the home and the office.

work standing desk

Custom Standing Desk

The above custom standing desk is created using size 7/42.4mm tube and fittings, and includes two foot rests, rather than the usual one. It also includes an extra shelf which extends above the main desktop, adding another feature which not only adds to the aesthetics, but is also quite practical in that it allows more room on the desktop.

standing desk for work

This corner standing unit is very practical in that it doesn't take up much space around this home office, but still contains a large area with which to work on. The unit also contains plenty of room underneath if extra shelving was ever needed.

Telescopic Table Legs

It is worth mentioning that all desks and tables can be designed in a way which enables them to be telescopic, meaning they can be raised up or lowered down as necessary. This is done by inserting a smaller size of tube into the table leg, and then using a Type 75 Collar to hold the tube in position when extended to its required height. When the desk needs to be lowered to its original position, simply loosen the grub screw in the fitting and re-tighten when required.

8. Custom Conference Tables

The two pictured conference tables diverse styles demonstrate some of the many ways which a table can be designed. There is no limit, it all boils down to people having different ideas and using their imagination.

conference table with a difference

X-Style Design

The above table features an X-style design which is simple to construct, but is extremely eye-catching. The tubing is powder-coated, while the fittings are left in their natural state which creates a nice contrast. The glass table top ensures that the rugged design is very noticeable as it can be seen at all times. Only two types of Kee Klamp fittings are required to create this table, the Type 63 Angle Base Flange and the Type 40 Four Socket Cross.

glass and steel conference table
conference table with a difference

This table is based on the Z-Frame Table Kit. This design is useful for where there is a need to support the middle of a table top, as an additional strut is provided in the center of the frame. If this support isn't required, the strut can left off the completed table while still featuring the Z design.

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Browse through more table and furniture projects in our furniture gallery. Each project is created using galvanised or aluminium fittings and tube, with a large volume of imagination.

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