Custom Outdoor Table With Benches

We were recently sent in this picture of a charming outdoor table, created by one of our customers. The entire frame was built with steel tube and fittings, and was completed with an integrated bench on either side.

Although a clever idea and a nice design, putting the table frame together would not take long, with an allen key all that was needed. Richard received his tube lengths cut to his specified requirements, making assembly a simple process.

custom outdoor table

Tube Size

The frame was constructed with size 5/26.9mm galvanised steel tube, which proved more than sufficient for this project as there wouldn't be too much pressure applied to the table.
We provide fittings and tube in a number of larger sizes also, with the larger frames looking more industrial and less elegant. This is a look which many people would actually prefer, but this all comes down to personal taste.

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Timber and Decoration

Most good hardwares can advise on the best timber to use in projects such as this. What should be kept in mind is that for outdoor tables like this, you would need to use timber which is more durable in wet conditions.

Richard decorated his table top and benches by painting them yellow and including stencilled designs to complete the look and make the table even more unique.

Customised Table Frame

As mentioned above, we are happy to cut all projects individually to suit our customers needs. This ensures that not only will assembly be easy, but we can custom build all projects where space is at a premium. The table above shows this and fits in perfectly within the concrete walls which are around it.

The 90+ fittings in the Kee Klamp range ensure a versatility like no other, and we have witnessed many clever furniture ideas(see a few more in the projects below).

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