Custom Seating For Restaurants - Eindhoven

This custom steel table was spotted in a restaurant in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. It was constructed using tube clamps and tubing, coated in black to provide a suitable finish which matched up with the rest of the room.

custom steel table

Connecting The Table And Seats

There were only two different types of fittings used in this project to connect the seats. The 61 Flange was used to connect the tube supports to the timber beam in the centre of the table, while it was also used to connect the seats using timber screws.
The 15 Elbow was used to connect 2 small lengths of tubes at 90┬░ and to provide the required seating design. Although the seats protruded out on either side of the table, the weight of the frame and the width of the base were enough to prevent the table from falling over.

steel table for restaurant

Using A Suitable Timber

Although situated inside, using galvanised tube and fittings for such a project would enable it to be used as an outside table also. Though if doing so, choosing the correct timber would obviously be important as it would be subjected to all types of weather conditions.

All Kee Klamp fittings are galvanised to BS EN 1461.

shop steel table

Customising Your Table

It is possible to create a steel table and seating units in a number of different ways. Using tube clamps makes the design completely customisable. Getting creative and building your table to look a little different can make your premises more memorable and help you to stand out from competitors.
Alternatively, creating a Kee Klamp steel table for the home can create a striking centrepiece and also help you to build a design to suit your needs.

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