Customised Standing Desk - Saving My Back

Having talked about getting a standing desk for the guts of 2 years, along with moaning about having a sore back and neck from sitting all day, I finally went and did something about it. I custom built my own standing desk with our Kee Klamp fittings and galvanised tubing and can already notice the difference.

steel standing desk

Bad Posture When Sitting

Honestly, I have really bad posture. I simply cannot seem to sit up straight in a chair for very long, meaning that I slouch regularly and bend my back in a “C” shape, which ultimately drives my neck crazy also. I used to put my back pain down to playing a lot of sport and accumulating injuries and while this may be somewhat true, sitting down all day long only made things worse.

custom standing desk

Customising The Standing Desk For Comfort

So at long last, I set to work and figured out the dimensions I would like my standing desk to be, which would provide me with the most comfort. I measured from the ground up to my elbow as it would sit naturally by my side, turning my arm at 90° to my body as if I were on the keyboard.
This would give me the all-important overall height of my table. From this, I subtracted the width of my table top to ensure the top of the table was at the correct height.

Steel Table Frame Designs

I based the desk design on our Standard Table Frame Kit, with the footrest bar manouevered into the correct position to best suit my needs. This footrest can be moved towards the user, rather than leaving it dead centre. The height of the footrest can also be altered to provide maximum comfort.
When everything was set up correctly and customised to suit my needs, I added my timber top to the frame and everything felt perfect.

standing desk

Sourcing A High Stool

All that was left now was to source a suitable seat to compliment my standing desk. I purchased an adjustable padded stool from IKEA which worked out perfect. The seat tilts to suit the angle if I just want to lean against it in a standing position. Alternatively, when I want to sit fully into the stool, I can adjust its height to suit and ensure that my back is straight at all times.

Feeling The Health Benefits

In the time since I changed to a standing desk, I find that I change from seating to standing numerous times throughout the day. This shows how many times I would have previously started to get uncomfortable and stiffen up during the day when sitting.
Now I simply stand up without even thinking about it and sit down again when my legs get tired. I am really glad that I have finally built my custom desk and can feel the health benefits already.

Note: After putting it off for years, the standing desk actually took me just 15 minutes to put together...

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