Diy Standing Desk Using A Table Kit

This standing desk is based on the Fixed Standing Kit idea, which provides a solid frame, allowing the user to stand when addressing it. This kit ensures that you can adjust the length of the table legs to create the required height. All other dimensions can also be customised.

diy standing desk

Additional Shelf

An extra shelf has also been installed on this project, which gives somewhere to store bits and pieces out of the way as you go about your work. The reclaimed table top and shelf match the style of the fittings and provide an interesting industrial look.

Steel Table Frames

Steel table frames such as this are extremely strong and long lasting. The tube clamps which are used lock the tube in place and create a sturdy, eye-catching design.

The Advantage of Standing Desks

Standing at your desk, especially if you carry out the majority of your work here, can dramatically reduce back pain. An ideal option would be to split time between sitting and standing to avoid prolonged periods of either. This can be done by using a tall chair at a fixed desk such as this project, or by using our Adjustable Height Table Kit.

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