Wrap-Around Custom Work Desk

360 custom work desk

The DIY work desk is designed for someone who will be spending long hours of work at their desk and requires plenty of room around them for equipment, along with documents and drawings. This entire model was created using four different table frame kits:

  • Table Frame Kit - Standard
  • Table Frame Kit - Rugged
  • Table Frame Kit - Z-Frame
  • Table Frame Kit - Adjustable Height

  • Kee Klamp Fittings

    Each kit was created entirely with Kee Klamp fittings, along with galvanised steel tube.

    Separate Sections

    Creating the wraparound desk using separate sections would ensure that each section could be taken apart at a later date, and used in different locations if required.

    wrap around work desk


    The large span of the wraparound desk creates an abundance of storage space under the worktop, and this is taken advantage of by creating additional shelving underneath, along with pull-out keyboard trays.

    wood panelled diy desk

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