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aluminium diy work desk

Based on the Standard Table Frame Kit, this working desk was created using extra struts at the back and sides at the customers request. These would not only provide extra support, but also improve the aesthetics of the finished project.

Aluminium Table Frame

This table was built with aluminium tube and fittings, whereas our table frame kits are built with galvanised steel tube. Although both are extremely strong and will last forever, this table was required to be lighty in order for it to be easy to move. Aluminium frames are approximately 1/3 the weight of the steel table frame.

Extra Table Supports

In addition to the extra supports, the bottom horizontal bar was re-positioned back against the back table legs, allowing more leg room underneath the desk. Although based on the standard table kit, designing the desk differently is no problem at all.
The notion of creating a table or desk using tube and fittings naturally encourages creativity, allowing customers to build their project to completely suit their own tastes and requirements.

Oak Table Top

The customer sourced the timber locally and decided upon a beautiful oak top. The desk was created using an aluminium frame as he wanted it to be easy to relocate, and was aware of the weight which the oak top would add.

DIY Steel Table Frames

Our DIY steel table frames not only provide a rugged, industrial look, but also are built to last. The tube clamps which create the joints are locked in place with a simple allen key, creating a strong hold on the table legs.

Alternative Table/Desk Ideas:

steel table designs-diy

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