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aluminium diy work desk

With lockdowns unfortunately becoming a much more frequent occurrence, more and more people are setting up their own home studies and looking to adjust to working life within the comfort of their own house.

How can you build your own working desk which makes working from home more manageable?

Luckily, we are here to help. We can help to quickly design just about any custom desk idea, whether that be a standing desk, sitting desk, L-shaped desk unit or something completely customised. The main points to consider when creating your desk are:

  • Build it to suit your height.
  • Will you be mainly standing or sitting?
  • How much space do you need on your desk?
  • Will the table be moved or put away often?
  • Building A Work Desk That Suits You

    If you have to work from home, you may as well be comfortable when you are doing so. A typical working day will see someone at their desk for approximately 8 hours. Health issues can arise if you aren't sitting comfortably and unfortunately too many people use makeshift work stations within their home, such as their kitchen tables or coffee tables.

    Investing in a desk which best suits your height, build and indeed your work requirements , provides a very worthwhile investment. If you are lucky(and ask nicely...), your company may even pay for your home desk, especially if it looks like working from home will become a more permanent solution.

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    Custom Standing Desk With The Ideal Height

    The below standing desk made my own life so much easier at work. Accompanied with a high desk stool from IKEA, this provided me with a perfect sit/stand option for my working day. An dthe beauty of it? I cut the table legs to suit my exact height, ensuring maximum comfort all day long. Shifting between standing and sitting has been shown to have super health benefits, meaning your back will thank you in the long run.

    Home Standing Desk

    Aluminium Table Frame

    The table below was built with aluminium tube and fittings, whereas our table frame kits are built with galvanised steel tube. Although both are extremely strong and will last forever, this table was required to be lighter in order for it to be easy to move. Aluminium frames are approximately 1/3 the weight of the steel table frame.

    Based on the Standard Table Frame Kit, this working desk was created using extra struts at the back and sides at the customers request. These would not only provide extra support, but also improve the aesthetics of the finished project.

    aluminium diy work desk

    Sourcing The Table Top

    If aesthetics are more important to you, then you should shop around for an elegant table top, perhaps one which matches up with the surroundings within the room. Matching the table with a counter top for example, provides an ideal solution as it makes everything look natural within the room.

    While carrying out a quick search for table tops, I came across The Wood Factory, based in Dublin. Their website shows some beautiful wooden tops which would really complete any table frame and provide the perfect desk.

    table top - the wood factory

    DIY Steel Table Frames

    Our DIY steel table frames not only provide a rugged, industrial look, but also are built to last. The tube clamps which create the joints are locked in place with a simple allen key, creating a strong hold on the table legs.

    Alternative Table/Desk Ideas:

    steel table designs-diy
    project design help

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