Wood Panelled Industrial Tube Desk

Created using tube clamps, industrial tube and wood paneling, this tube desk was created with an additional shelf underneath to hold the computer itself, while also providing a foot rest for extra comfort. Desks like this can be created in a number of different ways, often being customised to suit the amount of computer hardware which is required.

custom made industrial desk

Table Storage

In this project, there is only a single location required underneath, but many people create multi-layered sections on top of the desk top to store away books, files, CD's and other common objects which can build up and create clutter over the desk.

Clamp Versatility

The clamps versatility allow the customers creative side to shine through, and many variations of this project have been created. Even when creating the same tube and fittings structure, the desk itself can look a whole lot different depending on what timber is sourced for the top.

Oak Desk Top

Oak is often a popular choice, as its yellow-brown colour beautifully compliments the tubes natural rustic look. Oak can also be easily worked to a smooth finish, meaning it is ideal for use in furniture, and tables in particular.

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