Utilising Space - Fixed Clothing Rail

We were recently contacted by Soren, who was looking to emulate the ‘floating’ clothing rail and shelf design which is pictured on our Clothing Rail Kit page. With this not being the first time that we have received requests about this particular design, I decided to make it make it available to buy as a kit.

wall mounted clothing rail

Additonal Shelf Support

Soren modified the rails slightly by adding additional L-brackets for added support. The reason for this was that the rail was being attached to a plasterboard wall and he was concerned about the impact of the added weight on the shelf.
**We would always advise to fix any steel shelving or clothing rails into the timber studding or insert a grounds where necessary.

Utilising Available Space

The two rails were placed side by side but at varying heights to suit the ceiling pitch and to fully utilise the available space. The beauty of all our clothing rail and/or steel shelving designs is that they can all be fully customised. Kee Klamp fittings make this possible as they are extremely flexible, with a range of 90+ fittings ensuring that steel tube can be connected in ANY direction.

steel clothing rail and shelf

Industrial Strength Clothing Rails

The clothing rails are constructed with industrial steel tube which have a diameter of 33.7mm and a 2.5mm wall thickness. Once locked in place, each project is extremely strong an capable of withstanding a LOT of pressure.

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