Easy To Install Wall Mounted Handrail Kits

wall mounted handrail kits

Our wall mounted handrail kits make it very simple to provide a secure handrail around your home or workplace. Whether this be for insurance purposes, an elderly relative or simply just your own peace of mind, our wall mounted rails ensure a durable solution which can be easily installed.

There are no specialised tools or skills involved in the installation of a wall mounted handrail. The main thing to consider is that you are getting a secure connection into the wall itself, or if the handrail kit is to be attached to a post. Once the wall bracket is fixed securely, the rest of the rail is secured by tightening a small grub screw on each of the fittings.

For aesthetic purposes, and also depending on the capabilities of whoever will be most dependent on the handrail, we have 3 different options available:

SR-070 Side Fixed Wall Mounted Stair Handrail

sr-070 wall mounted handrail

This open ended handrail kit is the cheapest option of the three, but is a simple and effective method of providing a solid handhold along an internal or external wall. It utilises the 70-7 Rail Support fitting to attach the handrail to the wall, while two plastic plugs block off the exposed ends of the tube. This rail is available up to 3.0m in length, while an extra bracket should be added if you require a rail length over 2.0m.

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SR-565 Offset – Terminated Wall Mounted Handrail

sr-565 fixed handrail to wall

This handrail is a surface mounted handrail which returns back into the wall or post on either end. For this reason, this handrail is more suitable for people who may have disabilities, especially those who have poorer eyesight. As their hand travels along the rail, their hand will meet the end of the rail as it turns into the wall, alerting them that it has ended. This can be a vital help to those who depend on it.

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SR-570 Wall Mounted Railing

sr-570 fixed handrail to wall

Another open-ended wall mounted handrail, and like the SR-070, this option will not be as safe as the SR-565 handrail kit which alerts users that the rail has been terminated. However, in most cases this rail will provide an ideal solution. It uses the 570-7 Handrail Bracket which sits underneath the rail. The 570-7 contains a sloped ‘saddle’ to allow the tube to sit snugly against it. 2 small self-tapping screws are required to fix the rail in place.

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All wall mounted handrail kits are available up to 3.0m in length. We have included the option to add another intermediate bracket if the handrail is over 2.0m long. We can also happily advise on how to construct longer handrails such as stairwells and access ramps. This may be a but more difficult in theory, but any configuration can be constructed with a basic idea of the fittings.

Simple Handrail Kits

  • Available up to 3m in length
  • Easy installation
  • Strong and durable
  • Ground fixed and wall mounted options
  • Ask us for design help

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