Eurolink Maintenance Depot Handrail For Steps

Shortly before Christmas, we were contacted by Elaine from Eurolink with regards a set of steps at their maintenance depot. The steps could be dangerous enough because they were smooth concrete and would be slippery when wet. A set of handrails were required, with one based on either side to provide a solid handhold going up or down the steps.


steps before handrail


handrail for concrete steps

SR-C50 Inline Handrail For Steps

Our SR-C50 Inline Handrail For Steps would be ideal for such a scenario as it contains a swivel handrail fitting on each post which can be adjusted to suit the angle of the steps. This would then allow the rail to slide through the fitting and be fixed securely to the top of the post.

Simple Handrail Installation

All of our kits can be installed quickly and with the minimum of fuss. As with the Eurolink handrails, we will cut all posts and handrail to the required length so save time. Once the base flanges are fixed down to the concrete, all that is required is an allen key to tighten up the handrail fittings and lock the tube in place.

No hassle installing them. We left 2 lads at it and they had it done in an hour I’m told...


Closing Off The Rail Ends

To close off the tube on either end, we use our 77-7 Plastic Plugs which connect into the end of the tube and prevent water and other unwanted guests from travelling through the rail. These plugs will close off the rail end nicely and also help battle corrosion, as it stops water from travelling through the tube.

Finishing The Handrail On A Post

For a handrail to finish on the post on either end, we would recommend using our SR-567 Offset Handrail, which turns the rail into the post and terminates it in such a way that people’s clothes cannot get snagged as they are walking past. The other solution to this would be to use the SR-C50 as Elaine did, while not allowing the ends of the rail to project outwards from the post on either end.

...Does the job, ticks the box and looks the part. What more can we ask for!

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  • Easy installation
  • Strong and durable
  • Ground fixed and wall mounted options
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