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simple handrail for steps

We recently supplied 2 of our handrail kits to John Walsh, an engineer who is good enough to voluntarily install handrails for the elderly and the disabled in his spare time. Our pre-designed kits were suitable in that they would be quickly and easily installed, while providing a tough, durable handrail solution.

Terminated Wall-To-Floor Accessibility Handrail

The purpose of the first handrail was to provide a solid handhold and provide access to the front door of a house, breaching two steps which could otherwise prove hazardous. The rail was attached securely to the wall using a Swivel Flange, while a Standard Railing Flange was used to connect to the ground, both providing a secure connection.

diy handrail fittings

John Walsh:

The Terminated Wall to Floor rail has been attached to a wall that has been externally insulated, a bracket was made and the adjustable bracket was fixed to that , then fixed to the wall and insulated around the bracket, worked a charm

Topfixed Inline Stair Handrail

The second handrail was installed to provide safe access, where a garden path was split into two levels by a flight of steps. The SR-029 - Topfixed Inline Fixed Stair Handrail was the chosen kit, which provided an angle of between 30 and 60 degrees.
Supported by two posts which were attached with the 62-7 Standard Railing Flange, the handrail provided a trustworthy means of access which would give the user peace of mind while going up or down the steps.

handrail for steps

Depending on the capabilities of the user, another handrail may be needed on the opposing side of a steps such as this to allow for each hand to be secure a firm grip. This can also be dictated by the width of the path and having the necessary room to do so.

More from John:

I have been in Engineering for many years and found the rails relatively straight forward and great product to be honest

Simple Handrail Kits

  • Available up to 3m in length
  • Easy installation
  • Strong and durable
  • Ground fixed and wall mounted options
  • Ask us for design help

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