Novelty Outdoor Table and Stools

One of our favourite recent projects was a table and stools combination which was formed by partnering a giant wooden spool with our Kee Klamp fittings and steel tube.

Our customer, Dave wanted to create a similar piece to the image below, providing a novelty DIY table and seating area. Ideas such as this are always welcome, as it demonstrates the simple projects which can be created with a little bit of imagination.

outdoor table and stools

DIY Table and Seating Area

Daves finished project also contained an umbrella in the centre of the spool to provide extra shade to the seated occupants. Using our flexible Kee Klamp fittings, the project was very simple, but this is generally what makes ideas such as this so easy on the eye.

outdoor table and stools 2

Simple Assembly

The seats were attached using 61-7 Wall Flanges, which allowed Dave to screw up from underneath and provide a secure fixing. He also sourced new timber with rounded edges to ensure comfortable seating, of which there were 6 stools in total.

steel fittings

In all, only 3 different fittings were used in assembling the project:

novelty outdoor table and sitting

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