Steel Garden Tables For Outdoor Dining

Below are a couple of outdoor tables which were created using industrial steel tube. They are ideal for garden dining and are based on our range of steel table kits.

Each of our table kits are customisable and can be altered to suit various table top dimensions, as well as the overall height. Many customers use timber which they have lying around to match up with the frame, resulting in various eye-catching projects and beautiful bespoke outdoor furniture.

Below are 2 examples of outdoor table frames, based on alternative kits which we have available:

"Standard Table Frame" For Outside

steel garden table

Using the same timber as the custom made chairs and using the Standard Table Frame Kit Design, the clean galvanised finish adds a quality sheen and a nice contrast to the birch timber tops. This provides a good example of just how versatile our table kit is, strong enough to support most table tops, while the galvanised steel finish will help protect it against harsher elements.

How the table top is held to the frame:

The Standard Table Kit contains a Flange fitting on the top of each table leg. These flanges contain screw holes, so the table top can be easily screwed onto the Flange, holding it in position.

"Rugged Table Frame" With Matching Bench & Stools

garden furniture ideas

The above table and stool combination uses our Rugged Table Kit Design. The frames strength and its matching stools make this a perfect design for garden furniture. Using Kee Klamp fittings, the table and matching stools are quickly and easily constructed. Staining the tops of the table and chairs or using treated scaffolding boards is a cost-effective, and robust addition to any garden.

How the table top is held to the frame:

The table top can be held in place with 4 discreet Sheeting Clips which attach to the underside of the tubes and can then be screwed into the underside of the timber top.

Bespoke Outdoor Furniture, Create Your Own Design

As with all of our custom made furniture, the designs can be completely customised to provide a truly unique look. Alter the table dimensions, try out a different wood type for the top or go for a bespoke table design of your own. You can also either let the top overlap the frame, or keep it flush with the frame edges. No matter what way you complete your design, our steel fittings and tube will ensure it lasts for years.

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