10 Simple Handrails Constructed With Tube Clamps

Simple Handrails - tube fittings

Each handrail query which we receive generally produce 2 questions:

  • Who will benefit most from the handrail?
  • What will it look like in it's surroundings?

The first question is the one which I would see as having the most importance, as the handrail is being installed to protect somebody who might depend on it, and for this reason must be designed to suit. At the same time, handrails are installed permanently and so obviously it will be important for them to look natural and not ruin the aesthetics of a building or surrounding area.
Kee Klamp handrails provide a tough and durable solution, but as evidenced below, will certainly not look out of place.

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1. Meandering Access Ramp

steel handrail for ramps

In this first project, there are various handrail sections to provide safe access along a meandering access ramp. A double rail is included to provide an extra barrier as there is a slight drop over the edge of the ramp itself.

2. Public Access

steel handrail for ramp

The handrail above provides public access and is a great example of how kee klamp fittings can not only provide a strong safety barrier, but also look the part no matter what the surroundings. Some of the tube is bent here to create a corner, although a 15- elbow fitting could be used as an alternative, eliminating extra work.

3. Smooth, Continuous Rail

handrail fittings for steps

Both Kee Klamp and Kee Access fittings are in existence within this section of safety barrier. Mesh is provided between the uprights and top rail to stop a kid climbing through, while a disability rail is also attached using kee access fittings. This provides a smooth and continuous handhold along the steps. The grab rail is coated to ensure it stands out from its surroundings, providing extra visibility for people with visual impairments.

4. Ramp Access

kee klamp ramp handrail

The installation of ramps has dramatically increased with the owners of business and public buildings becoming more aware of the need for wheelchair access. A Kee Klamp handrail is used in this example, but Kee Access NDA compliant handrail should really be used to provide maximum comfort to the user.

Sloped Kee Klamp Fittings

  • Sloped fittings for ramps
  • Covers ramp pitches up to 11°
  • Strong and durable connection
  • Tightened with a simple allen key
  • Galvanised to BS EN 1461
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5. Protection Around Water

handrail/safety barrier around water

It is my belief that adequate measures are not put in place to protect from many waterways, such as lakes, rivers and canals. One slip can be fatal, as has sadly been seen recently with tragic accidents occurring. Cordoning off areas around water which are often frequented should be a must. The simplicity of a Kee Klamp safety barrier ensures that there should be no excuse, as it is quick and easy to install and provides a lasting solution.

6. Stair Handrail

handrail fittings for steps

The Kee Klamp fittings range contains many angle-adjustable fittings which can be altered through various pitches for stairs and ramps. These fittings will sit on the tube uprights as usual and are tightened and held at the correct angle by the grub screw. We also have a new range of fittings just out which are designed especially for stairs, providing a design which is more aesthetically pleasing.

7. On Walls or Parapets

kee klamp handrail for parapets

Many walls are initially constructed at a height which is not sufficient to stop children etc from climbing onto. I am always amazed at how common this is, especially in public places. For this reason, extra handrail often needs to be provided to build up the wall to the required height. Tube fittings provide a much more cost-effective solution than getting the brick-layers back in, with fittings such as the 64- Vertical Railing Base, 68- Wall Flange and 62- Standard Railing Flange making it possible to fix the railing onto existing blockwork.

8. Warehouse Safety

tube handrail for warehouse

The above section of handrail creates a safety barrier along the edge of a ramp on a busy factory floor, with a slight 90° turn at the top. This provides a safer means of moving pallets from one level to another without the possibility of going over the edge.

Warehouse Safety Barriers

  • Straight run & corner barriers
  • Coated yellow for visability
  • Provides a safe access solution
  • Quick & easy to assemble

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9. Side-Fixed

handrail attached to side of wall

As mentioned above, a Kee Klamp safety barrier can be attached to the side of buildings using a 64- Vertical Railing Base. The fitting contains two bolt holes for securely attaching to the concrete. For upright spacings and loadings, please refer to our Safety Components Catalogue.

10. Inline Handrail for Stairs/Steps

simple handrail kit

Our last project is available to buy as one of our simple handrail kits, the SR-029 Topfixed Inline Stair Handrail. It is ideal for providing a secure handrail for steps on private dwellings and can give reassurance to those who need it, particularly kids or the elderly.

Simple Handrail Kits

  • Available up to 3m in length
  • Easy installation
  • Strong and durable
  • Ground fixed and wall mounted options
  • Ask us for design help

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