Fixed Edge Protection And Safe Access

Due to the strength of Kee Klamp fittings and the large volume of clamps within the range, they provide an ideal solution for fixed edge protection.

Edge protection should be provided wherever there is the chance of a fall. It doesn’t always have to be working at height either, as a risk is present where even something as small as a step exists.

Falls can occur in many situations, such as exposed roof edges, balconies, parapets, mezzanines, stair openings or lift shafts.


Factories and warehouses can require permanent safety barriers also, often to protect from moving machinery, hazardous materials or a sudden change or drop in levels. Where this is the case, a clear demarcated route should be provided throughout the building so that workers or visitors know exactly where it is safe to walk.

Mezzanine Edge And Safe Loading

Mezzanine edges within factories are areas which also require special attention in relation to safety. Exposed edges such as this can pose a real threat to workers, both on the mezzanine and also to those below. A protective barrier should be a minimum along the perimeter, as well as a toe-board where necessary to protect workers below.

Loading pallets to the mezzanine edge can pose a significant risk as often workers have to remove a piece of the section to allow entry. This can leave them dangerous close to the edge with the risk of a fall being significant. Installing a pallet gate can eliminate this threat and ensure that the edge is protected at all times.

Mezzanine Pallet Gates

  • Compliant with EN 14122-3 and OSHA
  • TUV approved for quality assurance
  • Cycle tested up to 50,000 openings
  • Various sizes available to suit the loads
  • Salt spray tested for 672 hours
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Adding To Parapets Or Low Walls

edge protection - parapet

The threat of a fall can also occur along shorter walls and parapets, where they aren’t built up to the required height of 1100mm. Kee Klamp safety barriers can be installed to the tops of the wall or parapet to provide additional height to meet this standard.

They can also be palm fixed into the side of the wall if required, though this may require a temporary solution to reach the edge of the building. In this case, scaffolding or a mobile access platform may be required to ensure that the guardrail can be fixed safely.

Kee Klamp Tube Fittings

  • 90+ fittings available
  • Strong and durable connection
  • Tightened with a simple allen key
  • Swivel fittings available
  • Sloped fittings for ramps
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Installing Edge Protection Safely

When installing any form of roof edge protection, great care should always be taken to ensure that the installers are protected at all times. This involves making sure they have the right PPE on them as they work, along with the necessary training. All materials should be transferred to the roof surface in a safe and secure manner, meeting all the required precautions.

kee klamp guardrails

Collective Protection And Safe Access

When installed, a Kee Klamp system can provide collective protection on a roof, meaning that all visitors to the roof surface are contained within the roof perimeters, with no breaks or exposed sections. If access is required through the system, a self-closing safety gate can ensure that the void is automatically filled behind the user. This removes the chance of human error and is a safer option than chains or links, which may not be put back to their closed position.

Kee Gate Industrial Safety Gate

  • Self closing industrial gate
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Galvanised or safety yellow
  • For use in a handrail/guardrail system

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Ease Of Installation

Installing a Kee Klamp safety rail is quite simple and doesn’t require any specialised labour or equipment. Base flanges can be bolted to concrete or other solid surfaces using mechanical or chemical fixings.

After that, all tubing is locked effortlessly into place using an allen key or hexagonal headed drill bit. This makes Kee Klamp a very popular solution, with ease of installation ensuring that big savings can be made by disregarding the need for welding or hot work permits.

All of our tube clamps are hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461 and are TUV certified for strength and manufacturing quality.

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