Presentation Convent Stair Safety Rail

After one of the nuns had a fall and damaged her hip, the caretaker of Presentation Convent in Dublin contacted us looking for a simple handrail which would be placed on a steps along a narrow corridor within the convent.

Why The Handrail Was Required

steps handrail

Although containing a handrail each side, the corridor was too wide to allow anyone to be able to put their hands on both rails as they went up or down the steps. Placing the handrail in the centre of the steps would allow users to place their full weight on the rails, easing the pressure on their joints.

Easy Installation

steel stair handrail

Dave wanted to use our SR-C50 Adjustable Stair Handrail kit as it uses swivel handrail fittings, making it flexible and allowing it to suit any angle. It would be strong enough to withstand people’s weight and could be easily installed with the minimum of fuss. The rail itself can be extended by the post to whatever distance is preferred.

Reinforcing The Posts

handrail for steps

While discussing the requirement over the phone, Dave mentioned that he wasn’t fully sure about the fixing he would get into the floor and if it would be sturdy enough. His idea was to use steel mesh to fix the face of the posts into the front of the steps, giving them more stability.
I suggested using our 70-7 Rail Supports to hold the posts in position and give the handrail extra strength. These sat down directly on top of the base flange and provided an ideal solution.

Thanks to Michael and the staff for their great service. Easy to fit, rugged construction, a great help for our older residents.

Dave, Caretaker

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