Workplace Safety - Protecting Your Business Premises in 2020

Most business premises have numerous requirements for handrail, even just taking into account the need for safe access to and from the building. This would be required for their own employees, but if the premises is frequented by members of the public also, then obviously this increases the changes of an accident occurring.

We are now reading with much more frequency about large claims being put in by members of the public who look to sue for minor accidents and occurrences while on someone else’s premises. News outlets purposely post such claims all over social media as they know they will spark numerous comments and shares, as people are outraged at the audacity of some claims.

Personal Injury And Compensation Claims

Despite how ridiculous some of these claims are, the complainants are often receiving large volumes of money in compensation and so they all have to be taken seriously. Business owners are now under increasing pressure to ensure that they have taken the necessary precautions to avoid such accidents.

Here are some amusing personal injury and compensation claims which i recently came across from Gibson and Associates Solicitors

Warehouse Safety Barriers

  • Straight run & corner barriers
  • Coated yellow for visability
  • Provides a safe access solution
  • Quick & easy to assemble

Pre-Designed Kits

How Can I Protect My Business?

Handrails are one such precaution and can now be easily installed by the business owner, saving them time and money. Constructing handrails with Kee Klamp tube fittings eliminates the need for fabricating off site and thus provides a cost-effective solution. All fittings are tightened with just an allen key, which tightens the fittings grub screw and instantly locks the tube in place.

kee klamp steel handrail

Safety Rails For Ramps And Steps

The Kee Klamp range also contains sloped and swivel fittings which ensure that the handrail can be placed on both steps and ramps also. The tube rail can move within the sloped fittings to a variety of angles, with the grub screw locking it in place wherever is necessary.
We also have a range of fittings available which are specifically designed for stairs and are a bit more discreet. They allow the handrail to travel up at whatever the required pitch is, while also turning onto the landing within the same fitting. This can provide a neater option, which can be more suitable where aesthetics are important.

Disabled Access Handrails For Ramps

One thing to consider if that if the handrail is for an access ramp for people with disabilities, then it should be constructed in line with recommendations from the National Disability Authority. These can be found within Part M of the Building Regulations and state that such a handrail should be smooth and continuous along its entire course, with someone being able to pass their hand from beginning to end without any interference.
The rail ends should also be terminated appropriately to ensure that no clothing can get snagged. This can be achieved by returning the handrail to the post, or by joining the top and mid rail.

Disabled Access Handrail Fittings

  • Smooth, continuous handrail
  • Meets NDA requirements
  • Terminated appropriately
  • Quick & easy to assemble
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disabled access handrail ramp

Safety Barriers Around Stores And Yards

Safety barriers strategically placed around the store and yards where materials are stored are also vital in separating people from hazards. Sometimes the hazard is very obvious, but people can still be distracted and injure themselves by not taking due care. Such hazards can include flammable materials, sharp drops in floor level, moving machinery and highly stacked products which could fall or be knocked.

steel safety barrier

Safety Barriers For Protecting From Kids

Extra precautions may also need to be taken where kids are involved. Kids often find ways of going where they shouldn’t. This is partly due to their natural curiosity, but also because they can fit easily through spaces that adults cannot.
It is often necessary to cover a handrail or safety barrier with mesh or alternative panels to prevent kids from trying to get through. This should also stop them from swinging or climbing on the rails, where a fall is a strong possibility.

Self-closing safety gates can also be used which automatically close behind the user and help to maintain the integrity of the system. This ensures that the void is filled at all times and eliminates the chances of human error. Other systems such a safety chain or bar are not as reliable and often require the user to operate them manually.

Kee Gate Industrial Safety Gate

  • Self closing industrial gate
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Galvanised or safety yellow
  • For use in a handrail/guardrail system

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