Steel Railing For Steps - Clougherhead Beach

Kee Klamp safety rails can be found in practically every town all over the country. They are extremely easy to install and provide safe access on steps, ramps and as a safety barrier alongside exposed edges.

I recently came across the below handrail installation at Clougherhead beach in County Louth. Handrails on steps are extremely important and in this case grant a secure handhold up the concrete steps at the back of the beach. This would make it easier for people to navigate them, with less chance of injury.

steel railing for steps

While this may not seem a necessity for a lot of people, it can make a big difference to senior citizens, kids and anyone who may be unsteady on their feet. Steps in coastal areas such as this can also become extremely slippy at the best of times, but especially in frosty weather.

Rail Materials

As with the majority of our projects, this handrail was built using galvanised steel tube. It appears to be 42mm in diameter, though 48mm can also be used and would be stronger where there is the likelihood of more people leaning against the rail at one time. An example of this would be as a safety barrier along a mezzanine edge, or along a football pitch where crowds may gather.

steps handrail

All Kee Klamp components are galvanised to EN 1461, giving them a tough exterior. For extreme coastal conditions, our Kee Lite aluminium handrail fittings can also be used. Aluminium is naturally more corrosion resistant and may provide a better alternative.

Kee Lite Aluminium Fittings

  • Naturally corrosion resistant
  • Tightened with an allen key
  • Strong and durable
  • 1/3 the weight of Kee Klamp
  • Ask us for design help

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Sloped Fittings Range

These handrail applications were constructed mostly with our angled fittings, which can swivel between various pitches and allow the rails to be installed at the correct angle. This helps to reduce onsite installation time and means that the angles will not have to be worked out beforehand. When the rails are in the required position, they can be quickly locked in place within the fitting, using just an allen key. This makes tube clamps for handrails a great substitute for welding.

steps railing

Stair Handrail Fittings

  • Strong, durable stair handrail
  • Built with 42mm/48mm tube
  • Variable angles and pitches
  • Better aesthetics
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Changing Handrail Direction

An Obtuse Angle Elbow then transfers the sloped rail to the flat/level section at the top of the steps. Here, standard fittings such as Tees, Elbows and Crossovers can be used to complete the design. The same principal can also be seen on many ramps, where there is often a landing pad at the top of the ramp, where the door is.

kee handrail steps

Would I Change The Design?

The only real design change I might make to the handrail, would be to stop the top rail on the post also, rather than letting it project outwards from the steps. There are two reasons for this:

  • Rails protruding out into space such as this can serve as a bit of an obstacle to pedestrians and can lead to kids banging their heads on it.
  • People walking towards the steps can snag their clothes on the end of the rail, particularly if they have larger pockets or hoodies.

A slight recommendation also would be to install an aluminium handrail in coastal regions such as this, to help increase corrosion resistance.

handrail for steps

When I was finished taking pictures of the rails, I continued on with my walk and enjoyed the beautiful views that Clougherhead has to offer. I will definitely be back again, though maybe not until the nicer weather approaches. The Kee Klamp handrails will still be there anyway, doing their job as they keep people safe.

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