3 Floating Clothing Rails With A Top Shelf

Industrial strength clothing rails were always a requirement in the case of clothing retail, due to large volumes of clothes being stored or displayed at the one time. Having a heavy duty steel clothing rail in the home has since started to become just as pressing of a need.
Adding a shelf to the rail can really enhance its appearance, while also providing another small storage solution. Luckily Kee Klamp fittings are very versatile and there are a number of ways to attach your shelf.

1. Custom Retail Clothing Rail

heavy duty clothing rail

The first option has proven to be very popular and has generated loads of interest thus far. I used this image as the intro to our clothing rail kits page, so although not available as a kit at the time, I found myself talking to many customers about it.
Like the other 2 rails I have also included below, the 'floating' effect is probably what makes it so eye-catching. This effect is made possible by the strength of the fittings, but it also should be noted that the 61-6 Round Flanges need to be get a secure connection to the wall.

**4 screw holes are provided on the 61-6 Flange to suit countersunk flathead screws.

Find this clothes rail kit here.

2. Square Steel Frame

strong clothes rail

The above option features an alternative method of fixing the timber shelf. Whereas our first project utilised a flange to hold the shelf in place, this one is fixed by letting the shelf lie on top of the tubing on each side. The M50-6 male Single Swivel Socket can be used to fix the shelf in place, by either bolting through it or by using a screw and washer.
This clothing rail and shelf is fixed to the wall in 4 places, with 2x Flanges on either side providing ample strength, matching the already industrial strength of the fittings and tube.

Find this clothes rail kit here.

3. The Clothing Rail/Shelf Combo

clothing rail with shelf

This last project is very similar to option 2, using a box shaped frame to combine the shelf and rail. Here, the timber shelf is cut neatly between the steel tubes on either side, giving the timber a floating effect of its own.
Another notable difference with this option is the inclusion of the 76-6 Hooks to hang clothes or bags directly off, eliminating the need for coat hangers. This is just another nice feature which can be used to demonstrate further that a Kee Klamp clothing rail is a very unique option.

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