Alternative Fittings Shelving Unit

This shelving project highlights the possibilities with reclaimed or leftover timber, and also the versatility of Kee Klamp fittings.

DIY shelf unit

Shelving units allow for a certain degree of job satisfaction with whoever designs and puts them together, and is possibly why they are such a popular DIY project. In this example, the structure is built 7 shelves high, taking advantage of loads of space vertically, while still not taking up much space in the room. A 61 Flange Fitting is used to attach to the wall and floor, ensuring increased stability, making the shelves secure despite their height.

shelving unit to meet sloped roof


Because of the clamps versatility, many different shapes and sizes of shelves can and have been created, to fit different nooks and cranny's. These have been overlapping, adjacent or even built in at 90° angles to each other, creating a U-shape effect. The fittings are strong and durable, and accompany old timber excellently to create a clean, industrial look.

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