10 Industrial Strength Clothing Rails For The Home Or Store

The beauty of what we do at Simplified is that there are no limits to clothing rail design due to the flexibility of our fittings. Although this is obviously a real bonus with our customers, it is also hugely interesting and satisfying for ourselves as we get to discuss new ideas and help to turn ideas into a reality.

On receiving a call, we usually introduce our pre-designed clothes rail kits as a starting point and demonstration of what can be achieved. Then we simply advise that these designs can be customised or added on to in a number of ways to complement their surroundings. Below are a number of ways in which customers went about creating their own designs to suit either their home or business.

1. Walk In Wardrobe Clothing Rail

walk in wardrobe clothes rail

Our first project is a completely custom built shelf and clothing rail design, which was cut to fit into a tight space within a wardrobe and to take advantage of space. Clothes can then be hung up out of the way, while a shelf adds extra storage space over the rail. Hooks are also added to the rail for hanging bags and other items.

2. Display Rail For Bridal

rails for wedding dresses

Custom built clothing rail kits are a popular solution for bridal shops as they can be designed tall enough to ensure the dresses aren’t hanging on the floor. The industrial steel look of the rail can also nicely complement the white dresses and can also help with displaying them to the bride-to-be. For long rows of dresses, we can help to create a long rail with added supports, or 2 or more kits can be placed back to back.

Based on our Freestanding Clothing Rail - Single

3. Corner Unit

fixed clothes rails

The above corner unit was based on our Wall Mounted Clothing Rail Kit, with just one rail being used in this case to allow room underneath for timber shelving. One upright was all that was required in the corner of the unit, as it would still provide the strength required. This design could be used in either a retail or domestic situation, as it is discreet and helps to take advantage of space.

Based on our Wall Mounted Clothing Rail Kit

4. Double Clothing Rail – Uptown Girl Boutique

freestanding clothes rails

This project utilises our Freestanding Clothing Rail – Double Kit and was purchased to display garments at Uptown Girl Boutique in Cashel Co. Tipperary. A glass shelf was also added to the kit in this case, using our 70-6 Rail Supports. This would allow more clothes to be added to the top of the display rail, making it an ideal clothing store railing.

Based on our Freestanding Clothing Rail - Double Kit

5. Wall Mounted Hanging Rail

wall mounted clothing rail

Although the clothes rail above was located within a store, it would be ideally suited for a busy home. It can be placed anywhere in the house, but would be perfectly suited as a drying rail above a radiator. The rail can be easily connected to the wall using our 61-6 Wall Flanges, giving it a strong connection for hanging wet clothes.

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6. Retail Clothing Rail – Paris Fashion Week

fashion week display rail

The industrial clothing rail above was used by CMMN SWDN to showcase their clothes in their showroom in Paris. This project is a prime example of how rails such as this can really enhance clothes and make them stand out. The rugged industrial look is extremely eye-catching, ensuring that the clothes won’t go unnoticed. Another feature of the display is that the hanging rail itself can be heightened or lowered at any time to suit the display.

Based on our Freestanding Clothing Rail Display Kit

7. Retail Clothes Display

clothing store clothes display

This project contains multiples of our Wall Mounted Display Rack, all lined up in a busy clothes outlet to display children’s clothing. This kit is a very popular choice with shop fitters as it helps to display the clothes outwards, showing them off clearly. It can also be customised to include a “Z-Arm” or “Straight Arm” along the upright.

Based on our Wall Mounted Display Rack Kit

8. The A-Frame

freestanding a-frame clothing rail

The A-Frame is another of our kits which can be used as either a retail or domestic application. The broad base gives it plenty of stability which can be useful in stores where people may knock against it. Like all of our kits, the height and width can be adjusted accordingly to fit neatly into its surroundings.

Based on our Freestanding A-Frame Kit

9. Freestanding Clothing Rail Display

rectangular clothes rail

This project is based on the same kit which was used for CMMN SWDN, but with a slight difference in appearance. The owner of this rail coated it lightly in a gold colour to enhance its look. This is yet another example of matching up the clothing rail with the decour and ensuring that it matches up with the stores theme. It should be noted that consistently sliding hangers across the painted rails can lead to scratching in the long run.

Based on our Freestanding Clothing Rail Display Kit

10. Industrial Strength Freestanding Rails

industrial clothing rails

Our last clothing rails were featured in a Las Vegas clothing and were delivered by our counterparts in the US. I wanted to show this option to demonstrate how castors can also be attached to most of our freestanding kits to achieve mobility. As our clothing rails are constructed with industrial steel, they can be quite heavy. Although in most cases, they can be lifted by 2 people, with one on either end.

Based on our Freestanding Clothing rail Single

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