A-Frame Clothing Rail

A-frame clothing rail

Our A-frame Clothing Rail Kits are particularly popular for use in retail.

All of the top stores realise that their goods have to be displayed in such a way as to instantly catch the attention of passers-by. Clothing rail kits built with tube clamps are not only eye-catching but extremely tough and durable.

Industrial Strength Tube

Each clothes rail is constructed using 33.7mm O/D galvanised steel tubing, ensuring maximim strength. The wall thickness of the tube is approximately 2.5mm also, which enables you to load up the rail with clothes knowing that there will be no chance of the rail buckling.

Eye-Catching Design

This particular clothing rail kit certainly does that, as its eye-catching design stands out when compared with the usual rectangular designs. It can also be easily transported to different locations around the store, meaning that its impact can be assessed to establish where it works the best.

long-lasting clothes rack

Strength and Durability

Like all our clothing rail kits, this A-frame design can be customised to suit a required size, but if the designated options are not suitable to you, then we will be happy to help you with an alternative option. This is part of why Kee Klamp fittings are so popular. Apart from their strength and durability, they are very flexible, meaning that practically any custom clothing rail design or size can be achieved.

Alternative Designs

strong and durable clothing racks

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