A Popular DIY Shelf Design

custom shelf using tube fittings

This particular style of shelf has been popular with recent customers, so I decided to create a short piece about it detailing how simple it is to make. This should also show why DIY enthusiasts are so keen to create their projects using tube clamps and tubing.

Shelf Tube Size

The first thing to note is the size of the tubing itself. Most of our DIY shelf designs are created using 33.7mm tube, which is joined together with size 6 Kee Klamp fittings. This provides a strong design with the necessary strength to hold a variety of heavy objects.

kee klamp shelving

Fixing Your Shelf

While mentioning the strength, I should state that the most important aspect of creating your shelf is how you fix it to the wall and floor. This particular design, as with many others, contains 2 Flange fittings(61-6) to connect to the wall, and 2 to connect to the floor. The Flange has 4 holes provided for countersunk screws, ensuring a strong connection is made.

custom shelf with fittings

Height and Width

The dimensions of the shelf are obviously dependent on room size and space, with the taller the unit being, the more shelves can be incorporated into it. Again, once a strong connection is made to the wall and floor, weight shouldn't be an issue.

Required Fittings

This design contains 5 different fittings, which is enough to create many of our other various design ideas, although this can depend on how you plan on holding the timber panels. In this case, a 70-6 Rail Support is used as the holder of the timber. The reason that this fitting is a good solution is because it contains holes for countersunk flat head screws, meaning the timber shelf can be fixed securely to the unit.

Fittings Shelf

No Design Limits

There are many ways to create your shelving. Some people are more influenced by the strength required to hold the necessary items. Others concentrate more on the aesthetics of their shelf and how it fits in with the rest of their decor. Creating your DIY shelf unit using Kee Klamp means that you should be able to satisfy both considerations. The fittings are strong and durable, while the full range of 80+ fittings ensures that you can manoeuvre your tube in any direction.

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