Bespoke Clothing Rails For Wedding Dresses

Aside from our pre-designed kits, many of our clothing rails are bespoke designs which are custom built to suit specialised clothing items. One area in which our custom clothing rails are becoming increasingly popular is bridal shops.

Rails Suitable For Wedding Dresses

With their added length, wedding dresses require additional length from the rail to the floor to ensure that the bottom of the dress is not left rubbing off the ground. Obviously this could lead to problems such as the bottom of the dress getting soiled or wrinkled.

wall mounted rails for bridal

Customised Display Rails

Displaying the dress openly and full length also helps to clearly demonstrate its appearance, allowing the bride-to-be to envisage what it would look like when it is on. This also allows them to compare and contrast alternative styles.

wedding dress rails

Separating Dr

When choosing a dress, there are obviously going to be numerous budgets and individual tastes involved, so being able to effortlessly separate and display the dresses also proves to be a typical reason for requiring bespoke clothes rails for dresses.

bridal clothes rails

Eye-Catching Appearance

The industrial steel nature of the fittings and tubing works very well aesthetically with the dresses in that it ensures that they are eye-catching and really stand out. The retro steel look is becoming very popular once again, not only with bridal wears but in many clothes outlets throughout the country.

Below is a link to our aforementioned clothing rail kits, but feel free to give us a call if you need help with a custom design.

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