Create Your Own DIY Coat Hanger and Shelf Combo - Simple But Effective

DIY Coat Hanger

A wall mounted coat hanger is a perfect choice for any entrance hallway. It provides a simple method of hanging up coats and hats, while at the same time not taking up too much room. Perhaps the best thing of all, the coat hanger and shelf ensures a clever looking display piece which can fit in nicely with any decour.

Assembling The Structure

The entire frame is built with size 6/33.7mm steel tube and tube fittings. For simplicity, I have labelled all fittings on the below sketch.

Note: All fittings are held in place using a simple allen key!

Kee Klamp Coat Hanger and Shelf

Attaching To The Wall

CAUTION! Before constructing the frame, please ensure that you can get a suitable fixing into the wall. Obviously a block wall should provide a good connection, but when fixing to a timber stud wall, care should be taken to ensure that a connection is made into the stud itself.

Holding The Timber Shelf

The M50-6 fittings fit onto the tube(2 on either side of the shelf) and each contain a screw hole for fixing into the timber. This will ensure that the shelf is firmly held in position.

Wall mounted coat rail

Suitable For Domestic Use Or Retail

Projects such as this can also be used for retail applications, providing a simple method of displaying coats and other items of clothing. While the width of the coat hanger can be increased, more supports may then be needed to securely attach the structure to the wall.

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Want to build your own?

Of course, the nature of Kee Klamp fittings, and how we utilise them, means that there are really no limits as to what you can build. Apart from our pre-designed kits, very few projects are the same. Contact us with a few details and we will be delighted to help you out.

Or you can call us on 086 1408422.

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